Top 5 Best Work Boots

today we are going to be checking out
the top 5 best work boots these are
basically a steel toe boots and I made
this this based on my personal opinion
on which I think are the best work boots
you can also find links to all this
products down in the description below
ok so let’s start at number 5 we have
the Timberland pros zero six one hundred
nine point eight four these are really
great work shoes and they gave me used
as everyday use because they are very
good-looking and yeah they’re made of
leather they have a rubber rubber sole
and they have the ever Guard toe which
is a steel toe they also have electrical
hazard protection so if you work with
electricity these are really good ones
they are very comfortable and durable
moving on at number four we have the
caterpillar steel toe work boots these
are made of leather and they have a
rubber sole they are waterproof and are
good for wet surfaces and things like
that they also have steel toe and they
have they have thermal insulation which
is a really good thing if you work on
cold places because it will keep your
feet very warm and these are also very
comfortable and the heyn heyn neck of
these shoes makes everything much better
because you can protect your ankles too
and number three we have a Timberland
pro for seven zero zero one
it’s also a very good work shoes which
are made of leather or textile and they
have synthetic soul they are very good
again against heat and abrasion they are
waterproof and they have a two-tone
steel toe protection which is a really
good thing and they also they are also
very durable so if you decide to
purchase this ones you they will last
you for a long time at number two we
have another caterpillar boot which is
the master second shape they are made of
very soft and strong leather they have
synthetics so steel toe and they are
good for working on
chuckle places like yeah basically
working with electricity because they’re
electric houses resistant and as I
mentioned earlier the material used to
make these shoes it’s very high quality
so it will length between less for a
very long time to finish off our list at
number one we have the Timberland probe
it was now these are my favorite ones
because they are affordable they look
good and they are very high quality they
are made of leather they have synthetic
soul that they have sleep original oil
resistant they have the steel toe
electrical hazard protection they are
very comfortable and durable and
basically they have everything you you
might need in a work boot so if you have
money and want to get a good one these
ones are the proper selection in my
personal opinion

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