Top Beginner Swimbaits

top swimbaits
ultimate swimbaits
I’ve picked out three swim
baits that I think are great swim baits
for people who just want to start
getting into swim baiting learn how to
swim bait because it can be a very
intimidating thing you know you see
these guys throwing two three hundred
dollar baits on two and $3000 rotten
reel setups and you know just dedicated
just to swim baiting you know and for
the normal angler that just wants to
start to learn how to swim bait or wants
to use a swim bait as a tool in the
arsenal of all the rest of the tools
they have in the box I think these are
some swim baits that you can do that
with you can start to learn how to fish
swim baits learn how to manipulate swim
baits to make them the most effective
they can be for you so the first one is
a river to see s waver in particular the
wood 68 size this is a about six and a
half inch bait was about one and a
quarter ounces this is a great way to
start with this is actually the first
swim bait or big swim bait that I ever
bought was the river si s waver you can
throw this on like a heavy flipping
stick or something like that if you
don’t have a dedicated swim bait set up
it comes with really good hooks really
good split ring so you don’t have to
worry about changing anything out on it
it’s also slow sinking bait this means
that you can wake it right under the the
surface it can be a weight bait you can
let it sink you know you can really just
really really slow its gonna get the S
action you can twitch it it’s going to
Dart side to side this is just a bait
that you can start to teach yourself how
to you know fish the the single jointed
glide bait style bait so you know rivers
CS waver is definitely one that I would
look into this retails for 1899 so it’s
one of the cheapest swim baits out there
for the 168 size it comes in three sizes
but I think the 168 size is probably the
best just to start with because you’ve
got the big profile but it’s not too big
it doesn’t weigh too much and the price
isn’t going to break the wallet the next
one is the mega bass mag Draft in
particularly the mega bass mag drive
eight inch this is a great bait
favorite baits this is you know your
soft body paddle tail style swim bait
this bait in particular is kind of
special to me this is the bait that
caught the big five of the big six
pounder that I caught last year the ones
that are on my profile picture and all
that kind of stuff but this is a great
bait for beginners I think because it
can be fished anywhere you could fish a
spinner bait that’s what I tell people
anywhere you would fish a normal you
know small body swim bait or a chatter
bait and or spinner bait you can fish
this mag Draft um it comes with this
hook slot that you can hide and slide
the hook up into and it becomes just a
little more weedless or you can just let
the magnets on the bottom hold the hook
up that’s why it’s called the mag drive
cut has these magnets at the bottom that
hold the hook up but you just throw it
out there slow roll it back and that big
old paddle tail will do all the work for
you so it’s a big profile it’s it’s
definitely a big swim bait for the most
part you can still throw it on either
like a heavy flipping stick I actually
threw mine on a punching rod that’s what
I threw my swim baits on until this year
I’m actually going to buy a dedicated
swim bait set up but it’s eight inches
long three ounces so you know you
probably be pushing it with the with the
flipping rod but it can be done but just
awesome bait and this is the white back
shot and you can see how beat up this
bait is this bait has been hit a lot it
has caught me quite a few fish and it’s
probably one of my favorite ones I have
in the boat that one retails for $24.99
so the s Weber is probably the cheapest
one you can get the mag draft is a
little more expensive at $24.99 but you
can find them on eBay for a little bit
cheaper and then the last one is the
jackal Gann Terrell this is about six
and a half inch long bait it weighs two
and a half ounces but it’s a multi
jointed hard body swim bait just great
all-around swim bait it’s very versatile
it’s one of my favorite things about
this mate it is a floating bait so you
can wake it right under the bottom or if
you reel a little bit faster those
little fins on the side there will make
it dive about a foot foot and a half you
can also add a drop shot weight to the
front right there on that little hook
and you can make this bait go nose down
or you can add one
on the back there and make it go tail
down you can also add a stinger hook on
that back hook so you know if one swaps
that tail or something like that you’ll
get them hooked it comes with really
quality hooks split rings nothing’s
going to bend out on you you know you
don’t really have to worry about
changing all that kind of stuff it is
multi-jointed and comes in these just
amazing paint jobs and it’s one of the
most realistic looking baits I have in
the box this is the AR T spawn you’ll
probably my favorite coat because it
looks just like the blue gills around me
and just just like I said amazing paint
jobs multi-jointed this one’s actually
also special to me because this is the
first hard body swim bait that I caught
a bass on so you know great little great
little bait very versatile like I said
you can fish it floating wake it right
under the bottom put that weight on
there let it float nose down on the beds
or if the fish are you know start to
spawn or something like that you can put
it right in their face and they’re going
to eat a bait like this but add you know
six inches long two and a half ounces
it’s actually lighter than the backdraft
so you can throw definitely throw this
on like a heavy flip and stick if that’s
all you got but if you’ve got a
dedicated swim bait set up all these
baits can be thrown on that this one is
the most expensive at $39.99 so this is
a $40.00 bait which can be a little
steep I mean $40 for one bait is
definitely to me a lot of money and I
know a lot of you guys it is too but you
know I’ve gave you three options here
all three different styles of swim baits
you’ve got your glide style single
jointed bait you’ve got your big paddle
tail soft plastic style bait and then
you have your multi-jointed super
realistic floating style bait all three
great swim baits all three baits that I
think any beginner can get their hands
on learn how to fish learn to start how
to manipulate swim baits and you swim
bait so they’re the most effective they
can be for you if you guys enjoyed this
video and it helped you out make sure go
down there hit the like button leave a
comment if you’ve got any questions
about any of these swim baits or if you
have a suggestion for a swim bait that
you thought should have been on the list
or is a bait that you have a lot of

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