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Bobbing for Bass – Always Fishing

Have you ever wondered.  What it would be like to try a different fishing spot?  Bobbing for Bass is a brand that encourages anglers to take risks.  To go outside of your comfort zone and chance getting skunked.  Because fishing is not only about being patient.  However, making adjustments to the fish.

Sexy Fishing Girls

5 Best Work Boots – Steel Toe Boots

Top 5 Best Work Boots

today we are going to be checking out
the top 5 best work boots these are
basically a steel toe boots and I made
this this based on my personal opinion
on which I think are the best work boots
you can also find links to all this
products down in the description below
ok so let’s start at number 5 we have
the Timberland pros zero six one hundred
nine point eight four these are really
great work shoes and they gave me used
as everyday use because they are very
good-looking and yeah they’re made of
leather they have a rubber rubber sole
and they have the ever Guard toe which
is a steel toe they also have electrical
hazard protection so if you work with
electricity these are really good ones
they are very comfortable and durable
moving on at number four we have the
caterpillar steel toe work boots these
are made of leather and they have a
rubber sole they are waterproof and are
good for wet surfaces and things like
that they also have steel toe and they
have they have thermal insulation which
is a really good thing if you work on
cold places because it will keep your
feet very warm and these are also very
comfortable and the heyn heyn neck of
these shoes makes everything much better
because you can protect your ankles too
and number three we have a Timberland
pro for seven zero zero one
it’s also a very good work shoes which
are made of leather or textile and they
have synthetic soul they are very good
again against heat and abrasion they are
waterproof and they have a two-tone
steel toe protection which is a really
good thing and they also they are also
very durable so if you decide to
purchase this ones you they will last
you for a long time at number two we
have another caterpillar boot which is
the master second shape they are made of
very soft and strong leather they have
synthetics so steel toe and they are
good for working on
chuckle places like yeah basically
working with electricity because they’re
electric houses resistant and as I
mentioned earlier the material used to
make these shoes it’s very high quality
so it will length between less for a
very long time to finish off our list at
number one we have the Timberland probe
it was now these are my favorite ones
because they are affordable they look
good and they are very high quality they
are made of leather they have synthetic
soul that they have sleep original oil
resistant they have the steel toe
electrical hazard protection they are
very comfortable and durable and
basically they have everything you you
might need in a work boot so if you have
money and want to get a good one these
ones are the proper selection in my
personal opinion

Top Swimbaits for Bass in 2019

The Most Effective Swimbaits

there’s a lot of bait talk out there all
the time about you know what baits this
whatever and I’ve done some articles
about it and you know one of them was
quest for the Cure
you know guys looking for that perfect
bait that’s gonna solve all their
problems of why they’re not catching
fish and in my opinion there is no
perfect bait
there’s baits for specific situations
and there’s baits that work for specific
anglers so I’m just gonna take this
opportunity to kind of go over my top
five favorite swim baits of all time
they were perfect for me they may not be
good for somebody else but they worked
great for me I’ll list the reason why
and I’ll break down the details the ins
and outs the particulars of said baits
so we’ll start it off just kind of in
chronological order of discovery and the
first of that is the 3/16 baby wake when
I first got into throwing big baits and
I was stuck on the shore this was the go
to night time pond hopping bait this
little bait is a fish catching machine
it’s a blast to fish there’s several
different ways you can retrieve it in
order to encourage strikes what I often
found was a real simple slow methodical
retrieve where you didn’t get any sound
coming out of the bait just a nice
little wobble up there on the surface
just kind of causing a little wake with
the occasional pause of where you give
it a little twitches with that causes
the bait to kind of flip and gives a
little splash and then instantly flip
back again and gives it another little
splash so you got this wobble going
through the water to a and then pause
again and then start that little
retrieve it was such a fun bait to fish
I don’t really fish it anymore
I’ve got hundreds of fish on them but
such a killer little starter bait and
it’s probably still great for a lot of
dudes right now I went through my fair
share of these over time I have two left
now they’re both in the baby bath my
favorite color they’re brand new and
I’ll probably just keep holding onto
them they’re killer little baits next on
the list is the Det silent killer 250
might look a little deceiving because
the silent killer
traditionally have that lip sticking out
here but all that takes is a simple
hammer break that bad boy off and now
you have a slide swimmer but it’s a slow
sinking slide swimmer so what you got to
end up doing is adding a bunch of weight
into the actual slots that are built in
right here this happens to be my
favorite color
I can’t remember the specific name but I
think it represents a wide variety of
fish through it when there’s trout in
the water through it in late fall maybe
they were thinking it was a carp I don’t
know but prior to these being widely
available in the US you’d end up getting
them off eBay or some online dudes on
the forms or whatever selling different
baits to think that I was buying them at
89 bucks not a lot of guys were throwing
them you’re just getting insane
responses from the fish there’s
literally like they had never seen
something like this before they’d come
out all fired up and just chew the bait
this one’s been retired because I’ve
bent that line tie and I’ve bent it back
and forth so many times that I know it’s
just a matter of time before that’s just
going to break off so it it’s been
retired it hangs on the shelf now it’s
got a little bit of dust on it I’ve got
a lot of fish on this bait but there you
have it depths silent killer 250 been
modified to be a slide swimmer and not
long after the depth silent killer I
came into the Hinkel trout I had hit up
Hinkle and told him you know I had like
this glide bait style thing going on and
he expressed a he had a bait very
similar in action at first he actually
gave me a nine-inch version of this same
bait it just didn’t kind of have the
same action I was looking for it was a
little bit tighter a little less stable
so we ended up swapping it out and he
actually gave me this this is the
prototype for what everybody now has as
the Hinkel trout couple key differences
with it is it has a very traditional
swim bait hinge in there but the real
secret is inside the joint as we have
rubber bumpers so the bait is relatively
quiet once that joint hits together I
don’t know how well you can hear that
but it’s pretty much non-existent
because when the baits in the water
rarely is it hitting that hard
another key feature about this bait is
it’s a super slow sinker almost to the
point where it floats sometimes but I
fish it on fluoro so that ends up
bringing it down in order to counteract
the bait rising up and it’s no longer
here but I did drill in and put a large
tungsten nail down the throat of the
bait that way just kind of putting
weight up in the head to make it stay
down to counteract that line pulling it
up overall though this bait performed
really really well this is extremely
realistic had that mute paint job it’s a
rattle-can job that Andrew originally
did I ended up rubbing so much off of it
that I’d just rattle canned silver on it
on my own and that’s what I ended up
catching the 17 on this bait with just
silver spray paint nothing else I still
think that this is probably one of the
best glide baits ever made this specific
bait there are very few baits out there
that I’ve seen swim how this bait does
after the glide bait thing kind of
started wearing out on me and it seemed
like they weren’t so responsive I had to
go back to those soft baits and I
mentioned it in another video I had
fished the hood a lot and the hood is by
far probably the most widely successful
soft bait of all time it is responsible
for so many big fish it is consistent it
is affordable just you couldn’t ask more
from a soft bait the only issue I had
with it was a lot of guys were fishing
it it’s easy access so a lot of dudes
were throwing it I needed something that
kind of like separated my stuff from
other dudes
so I started throwing the bait Smith now
I didn’t like the original bait Smith’s
that were solid white kind of lackluster
paint jobs on them but when he started
doing the new stuff and selling it on
eBay and it had just these impeccable
paint jobs on them clear plastic
extremely eye catching it also has a
different action than HUD so that kind
of sets it apart whereas with the hood
you get a little bit of a wider tail
kick this is a little bit more subtle
it’s kind of a little there’s not a lot
going on there but I think that was good
at the time because it was almost just
like cutting through the water it still
had some pull on your rod but it’s just
cutting through the water there’s real
subtle just like a trial
it’s just kind of clueless swimming
through the water in all honesty though
there’s some serious drawbacks with the
bait any user should know that when
fishing this they need to do some
serious maintenance on it in order to
really make it work I think we’ve all
kind of heard about stinger issues this
breaking off I found a remedy for it
never had any issues with this breaking
off but definitely broke harnesses in
the early stages whether you know
throwing it into a spot shockingly
breaking on water once I sorted that out
I had no issues with the bait it always
held up if there was something it was
something I could fix but what I would
do is I would cut open the bottom of the
bait I pull out the harness and just
like rebar and concrete I would drive
steel wire down through the foam all the
way through the front of the bait out
the back side of the phone that just
reinforced the foam just enough so that
when it was making contact with things
it would flex but it wouldn’t break and
even if it did break all that wire was
in there so it was relatively a
non-issue another thing that I witnessed
with this bait versus say a hood it’s
with the hood it really folded up in the
in the mouth well whereas this baits a
lot stiffer so you you don’t really get
that fold up action it takes a lot of
pressure right now for me to fold this
bait in half and even then I still have
about four and a half five inches of
bait so the Stinger hook was always very
key to me and if you notice you can see
that there’s a lot of bites back here
with the way that that that paint has
been removed a lot of fish come up and
we’re grabbing it back like this or from
the way I hook them it seemed as if
that’s how they were grabbing it maybe
they’re a headshotting it but if you
look closely there’s not a lot of paint
missing up here a lot of damage to the
front and that’s from fishing in against
rocks things like that but all that
damage is done back here for the most
part my rig up on it is a 65 single
strand steel leader wire with two a two
crimps on a size to decoy hook also
other little bells and whistles I would
do is I’d cut the fins so that you get a
little bit more flair to them I don’t
know if it actually mattered it mattered
in my mind so that’s the most important
thing I guess and then I would always
upgrade those eyes
put in little glass eyes just feel like
it just give it that a little extra
flash extra realism got a lot of big
fish up into the teens on this bait
maybe not this specific one even though
this one’s caught a lot of fish but just
the bait Smith Magnum in general and
last I’m a little bit biased on this one
but the battle shad 9.0 I designed the
bait I designed it for a reason and it’s
far exceeded my expectations of it the
7.5 is a killer killer little bait but I
feel like the 9.0 just kind of gives me
that upper edge it weeds out some of the
smaller fish and just really draws in
the big bites my favorite thing about
this bait is the versatility where I can
pretty much fish it anywhere I want to I
can throw it into the nastiest stuff and
99.9% of the time if the baits rigged
right it’s gonna come through there when
you get bit on this bait you know you
got bit
there’s no nibbling about it that’s the
other thing I love so much about it it
really brings back the thrills of swim
bait fishing and swim bait bites where
you know you got bit it’s a serious
that’s what you feel I think the fish
just absolutely just suck the bait in
there’s no second guessing it on them I
don’t notice I get a lot of followers on
the bait it’s just long cast retrieved –
boom getting drilled the bait has a lot
of flex to it so just with that one
single swim bait hook in my mind is
plenty enough if you fold the bait up
with relatively little pressure your
hooks right there there’s a lot of
folding that goes on there it’s
extremely flexible it’s got a real clean
look to it different than a lot of stuff
out there on the water really oversized
tall profile and a nice twisting action
of the tail I spent all last season on
it I caught a lot a lot of fish all in
different types of water it was just a
killer bait really really stoked on it
and that’s why it’s my number five again
I’m a little biased because I designed
the bait but who cares so there you have
it that’s my top 5 there’s some close
six seven and eight but for the
those are my top five best big fish
catching baits of all time if you have
any questions about these baits or you
want to share your top 5 feel free to
hit it down in the comments

Winter Bass Fishing Tips

Winter Bass Fishing

today I’m on a little bit of a fishing
mission I’m trying to catch my first
bass of 2019 so we’re out here I got the
old bonafide out there we’re gonna do a
little bit of kayak fishing today
honestly I don’t know how well it is
gonna go we have had some really really
crazy weather lately
we’re 34 inches over our total yearly
rainfall level they’re just constantly
sluicing all the dams we’ve had so much
just water in and water out of these
Lakes they fluctuate it so much likely
that it’s made it really really hard to
come out and catch a bass but we’re
gonna see what we can get done today I
got an ed rig a square bill and a jig
and really thinking that Ned rig is
gonna be a key player because as you
guys know when the fishing gets tough
you downsize to go super finesse a lot
of the times you can put some bass into
the boat and really my main goal today
is just to catch my first bass of 2019
anything above that is really kind of a
plus especially in these water
conditions that we’re dealing with but
nonetheless we’re gonna put the bonafide
in the water we’re gonna see what kind
of work we can get done today hopefully
we catch a whole bunch of fish and
hopefully you guys enjoy today’s episode
why don’t we let you get that to me help
for the gold while trying to catch a
ship records right now
all right man I hope you have a great
day good luck man great to meet you
buddy thank you
well guys
there’s the first pass of 2019 oh that
is funny look how small he is I mean
he’s not not even as big as my hand but
there he is first large amounts of 2019
thank you buddy
it was kind of you know just casting
around on the back of this little pocket
here right in front of this grass bed
that fish was sitting in front of that
grass bed what was funny is I cast it in
there I think I was paddling when he bit
not really sure well I was you know
almost dead sticking just a little bitty
Ned rigged with one of those
Ned crawls or whatever the little z-man
craw is on there and that is when he bit
a maybe he’d knocked he knocked the piss
out of a pretty good tapped it pretty
hard so I’m gonna keep on fishing here
this water clarity is I would say it’s
extremely muddy but it’s not extremely
clearly there’s actually a really really
good water clarity it’s just the fact
that this water is probably really
really cold these fish really really
slow but yeah it’s a little bit of
finesse fishing with a spinning rod
fishing we’ll see if we put a few more
into the kayak all right guys so I am
not exactly sure what’s going on up here
in front of me this section of the lake
is used for rowing like Olympic rowing
College rowing team rowing that’s why
this place that I put in is put in yet
it’s called the rowing Center so alright
guys so I’m not really sure what’s going
on up here in front of me right now the
place that I put my kayak in hat it’s
called the rowing Center though and they
actually use this section of river to do
College rowing and high school rowing
and Olympic rowing and that kind of set
my team rowing events and rotten now I’m
not really sure what this is but the
parking lot is completely filled up and
there’s like a crowd of a hundred and
fifty people like standing around so I
don’t know if they’re about to have a
rowing event or what’s going on or what
the deal is but number one I don’t want
to get caught up in that and number two
I’m not getting very many BOTS up here
in this part of the lake so I’m gonna
pull my back out to avoid whatever this
that says up here number two to go
switch spots to see if we can catch a
few more fish I’m gonna move further
down the lake to a place that you guys
are pretty familiar with that I’ve
fished quite a bit from the bank we’re
gonna put my kayak in there and see if I
can get a few bucks and one pipe that I
did get today like I said earlier that
little drag the merry-go-round maybe
throw that square bill a little bit more
and see if I can put a few more fish
into the kayak up this trip but yeah
when we get up here get the I guess okay
so I did I gotta talk to the camera for
a minute this will stop beeping here in
just a second so I had the paddle
something like 300 yards away from where
I launched my kayak at because they’re
doing some kind of religious ceremony
down where I launched my kayak and I’m
not really sure what’s going on but like
there’s dudes like like chanting and
there’s people burning stuff and they’re
slinging water on people and there’s
people in robes and light I have no idea
so I like I said I had to paddle like
300 yards away come down here to this
little boat ramp and now I’m about to
pick my kayak up but honestly one of
these single craziest things I’ve ever
seen is these people down here doing
whatever the heck that they’re doing so
you know my kayak up I’m going to go
this next spot and we’re going to see if
we can catch some more basses yeah
that’s us
alright guys so here we are hanging out
in the garage I got the kayak put up we
got my rods arils organized and I
thought I would kind of do a review of
today’s trip talk about some of the
factors that played into it being as
tough as it was and then talk about what
I caught my first fish of 2019 on and
why I think how I caught that fish is
probably one of the best approaches to
fishing the conditions that I was
fishing so let’s talk about the factors
that played into today’s trip number one
is the rainfall that we’ve had in East
Tennessee we are 34 inches over our
annual rainfall total for the year and
that has caused all kinds of crazy
things to go on with our lakes number
one we’ve had a tremendous amount of
runoff due to that rainfall and with
that runoff you get a couple of things
number one you get muddy water so all
our lakes around here not just the one I
was on but all of them are extremely
muddy and dirty right now the second
factor is debris and trash you get all
kinds of natural debris whether it be
limbs and logs and leaves and things
coming in the lake then you get also
unnatural debris like you know just
plastic bags cups all that kind of stuff
there’s all kinds of stuff floated by me
there was whole trees floated by me due
to just the massive amount of water that
it run into those lakes and all that
stuff that it brought with them so
that’s one big factor another factor do
that rainfall is how the dams operate so
the TVA is who operates all the dams
around me and what they’re doing right
now it’s called sluicing which means
that they’re just constantly letting
water run through the dams to help
regulate the water level of each lake so
that if there is another major rain
event they can quickly drop that lake
down get it to a level that can take
that influx of water into the lake and
they won’t have to spill over the
spillways of the dams because a few
weeks ago when this rain started they
were having to spill the dams I think at
one point there was like a hundred and
eighty thousand units of water coming
out of fort lined dam which is just a
tremendous amount of water and it was
being spilled over the spillway so they
start to sluice after these major rain
events so that they don’t have to do
that you have to
worry about anything getting tore up or
property getting damaged in things like
that so those are the two main factors
as far as the water conditions and how
those were affected and then the second
factor is the fact that we’re post front
so there was a front moved through
yesterday into last night and it brought
even more rain and then behind that
front or post front it brought cold
weather conditions and so after the
front move through we were in the 30s I
woke up with ice on my windshield this
morning but pre front we were actually
high 60s almost into the 70s my buddy
Eric was wearing shorts and sandals the
other day was fishing and then this
morning I had to get up and put my down
jacket on and my bibs and everything to
stay warm so extreme weather change
extreme temperature change from the 60s
and 70s down to the 30s and then you
have a change in barometric pressure
usually when you go post front that
barometric pressure will shoot up which
causes the skies to be clear you have
the sky you know high skies is what we
call them bluebird skies very very sunny
not very much cover and so when you
really take the two factors of all that
dirty water and the dam sluicing and
then you match that up with that we’re
post front high pressure very clear
skies it is just hard to catch fish
number one that muddy cold water is
going to make those fish tighten up to
cover so that they feel safe natural
instincts tell them hey let’s kind of
rod this out let’s not put ourselves in
danger you know self-preservation kicks
in they don’t really want to eat they
don’t really want to do anything they
just want to kind of hang out until that
water stabilizes to those conditions
stabilized and they’re not your own
instincts kind of tell them okay it’s
safe let’s go feed let’s go about our
you know daily routine but until that
happens until that water clears up a lot
of times like I said that fish will hook
up to a piece of cover whether it be a
doc Poe store riprap or a rock or a limb
or something and they’ll just hang out
and you have to hit him right in the
head with whatever you’re throwing to
get them to eat because I’m not gonna
move to eat it because number one I
can’t see it
but number two they just aren’t gonna
move because of that self-preservation
and so
i downsized that and that’s kind of how
I tackle today’s conditions I thought
today would be a perfect day for me to
get number one better at throwing the
NED rig and number two to be very slow
in finance because number one under the
kayak number two we had the conditions
that we had and so I thought what better
opportunity then to practice throwing
this little thing and that’s what I
caught my one little fish on today I
caught it on this little Z Man one-sixth
ounce Ned rigged head to pair with the
little Z man Z TRD crawl and this little
thing is an absolutely wicked bait I was
messing around with it in some water
that I could see the bottom in today and
when you would drop this thing down it
would it would set up just like this
with the claws and the defensive
position because of how buoyant it was
and a lot of times I didn’t even have to
impart action on it the current of the
water moving across the claws would just
give it a very very subtle action and
make it look just like a crawdad in the
defensive position and today when I
caught the fish that I did actually
threw up next to a grass bed again a
perfect example of where a fish could
hang out tuck up to that grass bed feel
safe and I think I went to move my kayak
or move something and I was kind of just
dead sticking this bait and I felt the
line hop and that’s when that little
fish had it got a couple more bites
today when I threw up right next to a
piece of cover and what I think actually
happened there is because that cross
sets up in the defensive position those
fish would grab those claws because when
I would set the hook and get it back
there would be that little separation
there which tells me that those fish
were probably short striking this thing
probably just trying to eat the claws
off or something before they actually
ate the whole entire bait and again it
can be they’re trying to eat the claws
off or they’re just being super finicky
because of the conditions that we were
having now I’ve had that little Ned rig
paired up with some six pound peel on
co-polymer 215 pound braid on my seven
foot medium G rock GameChanger spinning
rod with my loose Mach 2 speed spend 6-3
gear ratio and I have fell in love with
this little finesse setup it does
everything really really well
whether it’s stone to never expire bait
shaky had all those kinds of things it
doesn’t really weigh
but like I said when you’re facing
conditions like I was can facing today
whether it be cold muddy water or it be
post frontal high skies high pressure
conditions a lot of the times you’re
gonna have to downsize and you’re gonna
have to hit those fish right in the head
and you’re gonna have to fund what a
recover they may be orienting to I’ve
seen days where they just orient to
would they just orient to grass they
just worry into rocks or they orient to
anything that they can put their back up
against and feel safe and feel like
they’ve got something over their head
and that they’re in a position where
they’re not gonna get attacked by
another game fish or something like that
and like I said it’s a lot of
self-preservation on the fish’s
instincts part that make them act like
that but yeah I had fun today it’s
always awesome to get out awesome to get
my first bites of 2019 as small as he
was he still counts and just enjoy the
beautiful weather that we had today even
though it wasn’t exactly beautiful for
the fish it was an absolutely gorgeous
day and got to hang out on the water and
just do my thing the next week is going
to be kind of crazy probably won’t get
to fish a whole lot

The Most Effective Beginner Swimbaits

Top Beginner Swimbaits

top swimbaits
ultimate swimbaits
I’ve picked out three swim
baits that I think are great swim baits
for people who just want to start
getting into swim baiting learn how to
swim bait because it can be a very
intimidating thing you know you see
these guys throwing two three hundred
dollar baits on two and $3000 rotten
reel setups and you know just dedicated
just to swim baiting you know and for
the normal angler that just wants to
start to learn how to swim bait or wants
to use a swim bait as a tool in the
arsenal of all the rest of the tools
they have in the box I think these are
some swim baits that you can do that
with you can start to learn how to fish
swim baits learn how to manipulate swim
baits to make them the most effective
they can be for you so the first one is
a river to see s waver in particular the
wood 68 size this is a about six and a
half inch bait was about one and a
quarter ounces this is a great way to
start with this is actually the first
swim bait or big swim bait that I ever
bought was the river si s waver you can
throw this on like a heavy flipping
stick or something like that if you
don’t have a dedicated swim bait set up
it comes with really good hooks really
good split ring so you don’t have to
worry about changing anything out on it
it’s also slow sinking bait this means
that you can wake it right under the the
surface it can be a weight bait you can
let it sink you know you can really just
really really slow its gonna get the S
action you can twitch it it’s going to
Dart side to side this is just a bait
that you can start to teach yourself how
to you know fish the the single jointed
glide bait style bait so you know rivers
CS waver is definitely one that I would
look into this retails for 1899 so it’s
one of the cheapest swim baits out there
for the 168 size it comes in three sizes
but I think the 168 size is probably the
best just to start with because you’ve
got the big profile but it’s not too big
it doesn’t weigh too much and the price
isn’t going to break the wallet the next
one is the mega bass mag Draft in
particularly the mega bass mag drive
eight inch this is a great bait
favorite baits this is you know your
soft body paddle tail style swim bait
this bait in particular is kind of
special to me this is the bait that
caught the big five of the big six
pounder that I caught last year the ones
that are on my profile picture and all
that kind of stuff but this is a great
bait for beginners I think because it
can be fished anywhere you could fish a
spinner bait that’s what I tell people
anywhere you would fish a normal you
know small body swim bait or a chatter
bait and or spinner bait you can fish
this mag Draft um it comes with this
hook slot that you can hide and slide
the hook up into and it becomes just a
little more weedless or you can just let
the magnets on the bottom hold the hook
up that’s why it’s called the mag drive
cut has these magnets at the bottom that
hold the hook up but you just throw it
out there slow roll it back and that big
old paddle tail will do all the work for
you so it’s a big profile it’s it’s
definitely a big swim bait for the most
part you can still throw it on either
like a heavy flipping stick I actually
threw mine on a punching rod that’s what
I threw my swim baits on until this year
I’m actually going to buy a dedicated
swim bait set up but it’s eight inches
long three ounces so you know you
probably be pushing it with the with the
flipping rod but it can be done but just
awesome bait and this is the white back
shot and you can see how beat up this
bait is this bait has been hit a lot it
has caught me quite a few fish and it’s
probably one of my favorite ones I have
in the boat that one retails for $24.99
so the s Weber is probably the cheapest
one you can get the mag draft is a
little more expensive at $24.99 but you
can find them on eBay for a little bit
cheaper and then the last one is the
jackal Gann Terrell this is about six
and a half inch long bait it weighs two
and a half ounces but it’s a multi
jointed hard body swim bait just great
all-around swim bait it’s very versatile
it’s one of my favorite things about
this mate it is a floating bait so you
can wake it right under the bottom or if
you reel a little bit faster those
little fins on the side there will make
it dive about a foot foot and a half you
can also add a drop shot weight to the
front right there on that little hook
and you can make this bait go nose down
or you can add one
on the back there and make it go tail
down you can also add a stinger hook on
that back hook so you know if one swaps
that tail or something like that you’ll
get them hooked it comes with really
quality hooks split rings nothing’s
going to bend out on you you know you
don’t really have to worry about
changing all that kind of stuff it is
multi-jointed and comes in these just
amazing paint jobs and it’s one of the
most realistic looking baits I have in
the box this is the AR T spawn you’ll
probably my favorite coat because it
looks just like the blue gills around me
and just just like I said amazing paint
jobs multi-jointed this one’s actually
also special to me because this is the
first hard body swim bait that I caught
a bass on so you know great little great
little bait very versatile like I said
you can fish it floating wake it right
under the bottom put that weight on
there let it float nose down on the beds
or if the fish are you know start to
spawn or something like that you can put
it right in their face and they’re going
to eat a bait like this but add you know
six inches long two and a half ounces
it’s actually lighter than the backdraft
so you can throw definitely throw this
on like a heavy flip and stick if that’s
all you got but if you’ve got a
dedicated swim bait set up all these
baits can be thrown on that this one is
the most expensive at $39.99 so this is
a $40.00 bait which can be a little
steep I mean $40 for one bait is
definitely to me a lot of money and I
know a lot of you guys it is too but you
know I’ve gave you three options here
all three different styles of swim baits
you’ve got your glide style single
jointed bait you’ve got your big paddle
tail soft plastic style bait and then
you have your multi-jointed super
realistic floating style bait all three
great swim baits all three baits that I
think any beginner can get their hands
on learn how to fish learn to start how
to manipulate swim baits and you swim
bait so they’re the most effective they
can be for you if you guys enjoyed this
video and it helped you out make sure go
down there hit the like button leave a
comment if you’ve got any questions
about any of these swim baits or if you
have a suggestion for a swim bait that
you thought should have been on the list
or is a bait that you have a lot of

YONGZHI Fishing Lures for Bass Trout | Best Paddle Tail Swimbait Review

Best Paddle Tail Swimbait

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Yongzhi Paddle Tail Features

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best paddle tail swimbait
best paddle tail swimbait
  • 5 great colors paddle tail fishing lures set with weighted fishing hooks can meet you fishing bass, trout, walleye in clear water and dirty water.
  • These soft fishing lures can be fished on a weighted swimbait hook, a-rig or spinner bait, Jig head or worm fishing hooks, wide gap hook.
  • These fishing worms can be fished deep or shallow, through grass or wood,skipped under docks, or on an umbrella rig.
  • The tapered design ribbed body distorts the shape to a more natural appearance.Proven and Remarkable swimming action,Swims perfectly at any speed.The ribbed body design provides protection for the hook point and ensures solid hook ups.
  • these fishing lures set is special for new anglers, and the lures and hooks put in the plastic box, it is easy to carry in your pack
how to rig paddle tail swimbaits
paddle tail swimbait tips

Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Walleye Paddle Tail Swimbaits Fish Worms with Weighted Fishing Hooks for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing with FREE Tackle Box

  • Paddle Tail Worm Lure is a must-kill bait for bass.
  • Proven and Remarkable swimming action,Swims perfectly at any speed.
  • The tapered design ribbed body distorts the shape to a more natural appearance.
  • The ribbed body design provides protection for the hook point and ensures solid hook ups.

Weighted hooks are decent, meaning the right size and useable with other small swimbaits. The non-weighted hooks are a touch smaller and about 1/2” shorter so more ideal with a shorter bodied bait. Now for the swimmers ha definitely not the quality you’d pickup at most local shops. Thin bodied and won’t likely handle many hits from bass. I do still intend on taking them on a Boundary Waters trip and will see how they do


Clinch Knot Minnow Swarm

Video: How to Add a Dropper with a Clinch Knot

If you like fishing two- or even three-nymph rigs, you know that one of the problems is the dropper line can tangle around the main line. George Daniel has a very simple solution for adding a dropper line that comes off the main line at a 90-degree. . .

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Double Loop Clinch Knot

double clinch knot this is perfect for
you want to use mainline braid do you
swivel and here we go
swivel here I’ve doubled over your braid
again leave yourself plenty of great to
work with doing is going through the
I like the clinch knot pinch it there
and we just wind up five times you may
line one two three four five and then we
just go back through that little loop
I’ve got there we go through there and
that’s it I haven’t pulled it up super
tight but that’s it while we double the
the braid when you tie these knots is
because braid is quite slippery
substance by doubling it over itself
really bites in and it’s going to