Fishing for Bass with Crankbaits

Largemouth Bass are a popular game fish.  One of the most exciting fish to fight.  And incredibly challenging to outsmart.  These are unique fish because bass have the ability to learn from past mistakes.  Meaning if you catch a fish with a certain lure.  Chances are that same bass won’t bite that same exact lure again.  Or at least, in the future when it sees this exact lure, it will hesitate before striking it.  Crankbaits are my favorite method for bass fishing.  These are the best year round bass fishing lure.  Simply because are each designed to target any depth range.  Meaning if bass are in deep or shallow water.  You can specifically target that depth level with an extra deep diving crankbait or even a shallow diving squarebill crankbait.  Why are crankbaits my favorite lure?  I can keep my crankbait in the strike zone for a longer period of time.  Crankbaits are built with a lip on the front end that helps the lure dive to these depths.

How To Fish Crankbaits (Bass Fishing Tips)

Video Transcription:
in today’s video we’re gonna be talking
about catching big uns on square bills
that is a beautiful fish right there hey
yo what’s going on people welcome to
another video you guys loved the last
tip video you guys actually really tore
it up
it seems I’m trying to experiment with
you know the types of videos I’m making
weather challenges tip videos River
videos both videos kayak videos there’s
a lot of videos but anyway so what we’re
going to be doing today is talking about
square bill crankbaits I think this is
actually a highly recommended video in
the comment section a lot of people have
been talking about it but then again
when I’m out on those ponds there’s not
really many areas that you know you
could throw a square bill because I’m
gonna tell you what
so right now I’m gonna be showing you
guys a few different square bills that
we’re gonna be throwing around today and
also a few different colors depending on
what water clarity your fishing weather
is clear water dirty water in that whole
deal so let me get a few of these out so
when it comes to picking square bill
crankbaits obviously we are out here on
the river today very dirty water so I
usually stick to about two to three
colors and that’s really what I go with
and that’s what I’ve had my best look on
especially when throwing in super super
dirty water the river is nasty alan bob
show him real quick some from that nasty
water straight chocolate milk so what i
would be throwing in here i really like
you know a chartreuse crankbait with a
black back as you guys can tell right
there of course this one has a little
bit more detail but it’s got that black
back right there and that chartreuse
body that is a killer color that is
actually we’ve actually been out here
for a little bit and that’s what I’ve
been throwing today and I’m absolutely
killed them on it also this one right
here as you can tell that’s just you
know a red crawl color obviously I’m
talking about square bills in this video
but DT sixes as well buy it or Paulo
Rapala whatever you guys want to call it
our killer crankbait I’ve caught a lot
of fish on them they have a color called
demon which is actually like a light red
as a I want to see like a purple back on
it that is a killer color Alan Bob I
said I wasn’t gonna need yours that’s in
your bag I said it’s bad but it’s like
just a little natural color
you’re not natural color but more of a
crawl color just like that so these are
pretty much the two colors I would use
in dirty water very great you’re just
gonna have to see what they want that
touch that day
we’ve thrown both of them today and it
seems that they really want that
chartreuse with the black bag moving on
to you know squared bills out there in
Clearwater you’re kind of gonna want
some more natural colors right here we
just have like an standard old sexy shed
as you guys can tell it’s just simple
standard that is you know just a regular
color right there standard really
natural same with this one right here
it’s obviously a lot bigger square bill
but this one is you know sexy shad with
a little bit of chartreuse in the middle
and then you have this one which is
actually called ghost a minnow this
one’s by striking and that is a killer
color as well it’s got this more natural
on top start Troost down the middle and
translucent on the bottom and then I
actually have one more which is pretty
much you know black blackish-brown on
the top and then it has more of a
translucent body those are all four
really good colors for like clear water
if you guys are going to be doing that
but in this video we’re in dirty water
we’re gonna be messing with the
chartreuse black back and also the red
cranky alright boys and girls we got
this creepy right here
let’s go catch some fish
we got the first fish of the day boys
and girls on the old crank bait right
off the bat there they just leave
everything gasps continue Thurman alive
wells for some photo purpose later on in
the episode but first little old bass on
the old crank bait you got him
what oh dude that’s a good one man
that is a beautiful bass right there on
the old crank bait dude that’s two in a
row just easy quick and easy it’s about
that time right now just tied to go and
load you just gonna get good got them
right on that little dt six and that
little crawler pattern it’s gonna be a
good day man that little rod that’s the
only thing oh my god dude I don’t know
bro dude he hit it before I even cranked
it bro I was I thought it was stuck on a
rock the third bass already boys and
girls it’s happening very quick today on
that little balsa or just actually cedar
it’s not balsa but still super light
little black black back chartreuse body
square billow right here they’re smoking
it second fish on it nothing monstrous
but still a nice little bass he had it
right when I threw up on that rock all
right everyone so this is the square
bill that I’m actually throwing today as
you guys can tell it has a chartreuse
body with a black back on it this is a
killer killer squirtable but the one
thing I didn’t talk about when I had the
squared bills out there’s something a
little bit different about this one than
your standard squirrel square bills that
you’re gonna buy this one is actually
made out of wood so this is a cedar
crankbait you can also buy some balsam
ones they are gonna be a little bit
lighter as you can tell I’ll shake it
there’s nothing happening cuz it’s wood
it’s not like a standard you know square
bill that’s gonna have rattles and
everything in it and today is actually
really tough so this is a great a really
great bait it’s a little more subtle
it’s not gonna be rattling around a lot
that is just killer if you guys are
wondering what line I’m throwing 15
pound on mine especially since I’m
throwing against all this you know
brush along the bank most of my poles
are gonna have 15 pound anyways usually
that is like my safe spot is 15 pounds
some people like 17 some people like 12
I like 15 is right there in the middle
and the real I’m using is actually a
13 fishing and the rod is actually
amused black this is a 7-3 medium heavy
you know a lot of people it’s all gonna
be on personal preference there’s no set
on rules I feel like that’s where people
kind of mess up everybody thinks they’re
set on rules about fishing fish fight
you want really like I’m giving you guys
tips today but just take some parts of
these tips and then apply it to when
you’re fishing
there’s no set on rules for fishing you
know what type of rodding need to be
throwing your bait on like I said medium
heavies is usually what I go with that’s
my favorite all-around rod baby dude
he’s a baby
he tried to choke it he’s too small
sorry bro no that was the most Awkward
bite I’m sorry that was just the most
uncomfortable thing it’s not a bad fish
you saw – boom there we go boys there’s
a beautiful bass right there there’s
nothing wrong with that one on a square
bill all the fish today that’s a quality
one especially for the river I know you
guys probably don’t know much about here
you have the Savannah River but these
fish usually aren’t too big I’ve caught
you know my PB out here but it’s a
certain time of year majority of the
fish you catch are small but that is a
very quality fish
oh my god you had one to do there you
know crank bait today boys right here on
this Bank right now and there’s actually
a bunch of lay downs right down this
Bank and this place is gonna be a little
bit different obviously we’re on the
Savannah River is tidal water Roberts in
here washing the tide charge whether the
ties the lower the tides high and
depending on really where the fish are
as you guys are gonna tell later in the
we actually found some banks with a lot
of lot of shade on it you know I had a
lot of good lay downs it was closer to
the mouth rather than way back in some
of these we call them lakes but some of
the areas were more towards the mouth we
were catching these fish rather than you
know it pushing off into another coat
just right there at the mouth rather
than in the back right here we’re kind
of Midway I don’t know if you guys can
tell back there
we’re at the mouth of a
not at the mouth we’re kind of more back
in this place just in this Bank right
here it tides up so usually when the
tides low I’m sitting there you know
fishing towards the mouth and that whole
deal but right now I’m just gonna be
fishing more back in it as you guys can
tell we got to lay down right here in
the water and so really when it comes to
fish in these I kind of break it down
you know say I’m on this side of it I’m
gonna sit there and throw parallel with
the lay down and bring my crankbait
right down the side of it sometimes I’ll
throw it right off the end of it right
here and slow roll that thing hit this
hit the lay down on different angles
because I know this sounds crazy but
depending on the day
there’s fish are gonna be positioned on
that lay down different and I know that
just sounds kind of bizarre you know
some days you’d sit there and just throw
at it but most days you’re gonna want to
be running this bait parallel with that
and making sure this is very important
making sure that this bill is down
hitting the limbs of that tree but
there’s gonna be one catch to this is
you’re gonna get hung up a lot but let
me teach you a few little ways that if
your bait is hitting like this tree that
you can get it out really easy so when
you’re throwing out these trees right
here we have that simple little way down
you’re just gonna be real in your
crankbait I like to keep it moderately
slow I mean today is a tough day so I
want to be reeling it slow anyways I’m
simply dragging this crank bait next to
that tree next that lay down
there’s a pickerel in it oh my gosh
what in the world dude you have me
some of my line running of my ocean I
actually got one that thing you know so
much squirrely you throw into the crank
bait that I’m throwing chartreuse black
back it’s got some crazy patterns on it
but really it doesn’t matter too much to
the fish as long as it’s got the right
colors well I’m sitting here trying to
film this build out and Adam caught one
right there up front so what I was
wanting to talk about is obviously
keeping this crank bait on that tree as
much as possible that it’s just like if
you’re fishing a riprap wall or some
rock of this green pit you’re wanting to
keep contact with that bottom and really
make sure you’re hitting that that’s
very important with a square bill is to
make sure you’re hitting your target so
when I’m throwing next to these lay down
when I’m reeling it you’re gonna be
feeling that tree and it can be
dangerous because you’re throwing I mean
you’re throwing trouble rope so we can
really snag that really
so what I pretty much used to you know
minimize me getting hung up because I
don’t believe I really got hung up too
much today it’s pretty much when I’m
reeling that bait past that tree and
when I feel that tree I’m making sure
I’m reeling pretty slow I’m not really
reeling down in that I’m really really
pretty pretty slow so it’s just slightly
creeping you know over that tree and
it’s just in there bouncing off another
really keep it is when you hit that tree
or say you’re about to get stuck and you
know you’re about to get stuck and you
hit that tree and you’re reeling pretty
slow if you actually just stop what
you’re doing and let that bait float to
the top that is a big thing because
these squared bills actually put I don’t
know if you guys know but the bill the
bill on them is getting the bait down in
the water so when you let go this baits
gonna float to the top so if you think
you’re about to get stuck you know
you’re kind of stuck on there just let
go and usually most of the time it’s
gonna float to the top our boys and
girls just call this beautiful river
bass right there on that square bill
super thick and fat fish as a nice one
it was one of the best GoPro clips of
the video and I didn’t even have it on I
just guess it just wasn’t on and then I
ended up dying when I tried to turn it
back on so beautiful bass right there
he’s probably a little over two but
quality fish on the old square bill
still all the same one chartreuse black
back freaking killing a baby oh my good
oh look at that neck get that neck dude
that was insane he ate it like a table
water you know how is twitching it
before same way bro I just threw it
right next to that cypress tree and when
it hit the top I just went pop pop
dude freaking killer that’s a solid what
three yeah oh so easy three well that is
a beautiful fish right there definitely
the best one today what I’ve really
noticed today on the square bill fish is
I believe almost every single fish’s
came on the square bill but one hour on
crank baits in general and I’ve caught
three on lay downs in the restaurant the
three on lay downs have all been quality
fish this one was right next to that
cypress tree I’ll throw up on the edge
of it Adam was stuck and I was about to
go get him gonna throw up on the edge
where my crank bay hit the top of the
water this is
Lightwood crankbait I was pop my rod
once so it didn’t it just kind of went
down the water and he just literally ate
it like a tough water then you get a
beautiful bass like that the Savannah
River that is quality right there boys
one thing that is actually very
important when a fishing this and is one
thing I didn’t even say which is really
crazy is obviously the ratio of your
reel because a lot of people that this
isn’t that this whole deal I’m using a
simple seven one one year issue in reel
if I’m needing to slow down my bait I
simply you know do it in my hand because
today I haven’t really been reeling it
super fast especially out here on the
river because we are going to go fish
some rock today you know with that
current I’m really gonna need something
to catch up with that fish because
you’ll lose it if I had a five 101 here
is your reel I promise you I lose that
fish when fishing these lay downs you
know simply I just like a seven one two
one it’s just really there in the middle
or seven three two one it’s just really
right there in the middle I can slow it
down I can speed it up whatever I want
to do alright everyone sadly that is
going to conclude this video but do not
leave yet cuz I would like to add just
two simple things from you guys first
thing I’d like to ask because I
understand that usually every single tip
video ask you guys you know which one
would you like to see next but sometimes
I I may forget or not see it or that
whole deal so even if you calm down the
other ones I would still like you to
comment which to view you would like to
see next leave the comment below and I
hope you guys are enjoying these two
videos it seems as if you liked the last
one and I hope you guys got some value
out of this one and learned some more
about some creepy fishing tips /squared
bill fishing tips and be sure let me
know in the comment section below but
thank you guys so much to support I love
you guys so much this was a very fun day
out on the water you know it was a
little tough but those fish were just
clearly eating a crankbait and it was
just overall really fun especially that
last fish that blew up on it like a top
water I don’t know if you guys saw it if
you guys didn’t see make sure you go
back and kind of watch that fish come up
and you did it was just crazy that was
the whole deal it is awesome but thank
you guys so much for the support I love
you guys so much and uh be sure to leave
a comment below be sure to pepper that
thumbs up button if you haven’t already
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also the notification belt thank you
guys administer support I love again so
much I get you guys in the next video

Crankbait Tips for Bass Fishing

Video Transcription:

big one on the ramp again stay on there
stay on there Oh God gosh that’s a good
one man go go
it’s amazing it’s my third bite on one
ramp Oh God don’t do that another big
spot giant spot get in here look at that
look at the bellies on these things I
mean these are two-and-a-half pound fish
and they’re only 16 inches long gives
you a good look at how they’re eating
that thing man
big old fat spot all crawfish in the
belly you know again man I can’t can’t
stress to everybody on these flat banks
on these gravelly banks you know a boat
ramp is a change to that monotonous you
know that miles and miles of gravel then
all of a sudden you’ve got that break
and the other thing is on these man-made
boat ramps when they put them in they
actually before they pour that concrete
they make a form they form it out
and when they do that they dig a little
bit so if you look at these things in
low water you’ll see that they’ve got a
concrete ramp that comes down but on the
sides you’ve got the the debris from
where they dug it out so all these these
these unnatural features that break this
gravel just perfect places to catch
these fish especially spots in small
mouths in the spring that’s that scatter
rap crazy crazy action side to side
another big fat spotted bass whoo man
golly they’re on these ramps dude we’re
gonna look around and there’s some ramp
today I just changed the angle up a
little bit too that’s the other thing
even with the scatter Rhett big thing
for me is changing angles you know to
give those fish the same look a
different way you know and if you see
what we did we had our first two bites
upstream and then we change direction
and we just came downstream here a
little bit and started casting at the
same target and able to trigger another
bite pretty awesome oh yeah gosh this
marked a big one right under the boat to
here you definitely searched there
around this ramp here man
you know I get the question a lot when
to pick a scatter rap over a traditional
DT series great bait and it’s for me
it’s it’s a pretty easy decision and one
of the things the primary things I think
about of when to pick that DT 10 versus
a scatter at deep would be the
availability of hitting cover you know
one of the primary reasons a fish is
going to hit a crankbait is what I call
reaction strike and that reaction strike
is triggered by the bait changing
direction so when I’m in a situation
where there’s a lot of stuff to banging
off of big boulders big stumps we’re on
every cast I could hit a piece of cover
most of the time I’m going to select a
DT series and I’m going to actually bang
this crankbait into the cover to make it
change direction but then in other
situations a lot like what we’re fishing
here today when you’re on flatter banks
gravel more open water situations a boat
ramp that’s very slick and there’s not a
lot of stuff to hit off of not a lot of
cover that’s when I select the scatter
wrap the beauty of the scatter rap is
you don’t need anything to hit off of to
get this bait to change direction simply
by changing at retrieve speed and we
talked better earlier from slow to
medium back to slow that baits going to
change direction just because of that
bill so think about your cover in heavy
cover situations when there’s a lot of
stuff to deflect off of use a regular
dtdt 6 10 14 in a situation where
there’s not a lot of cover slick banks
gravel flatter oat more open water
situations use a scatter change your
retrieve speed and you’re going to make
that bait change direction

How To Fish A Crankbait for Monster Bass! | Bass Fishing Techniques

Video Transcription:

hey folks glenn may here with and today i want to
talk to you about the essentials that
you’re going to need for crankbaits
now if you’re new to crank baiting or if
you’ve been doing it for a while you’re
going to pick up a few tips hopefully
more than just a couple but these are
the things that you absolutely need to
know for cranking I’m going to talk
about the rod reel and equipment some of
the modifications I do to the crank base
before I even use them and then I’m
going to go through the different
techniques and retrieves to use for most
crank baits first let’s start with
equipment starting with a rod the rod
you want is a medium power moderate to
fast action tip something that looks
like this
see this see how it bends like that
that’s kind of what you want you want
that nice long Bend
Herald parabolic Bend not like right up
here at the tip like some rods nice long
run that’s what you want you want that
kind of gift it’s for two reasons number
one yeah it makes it easier to cast
later crank baits but also it has that
give these crank baits have little
treble hooks on them and if you hit use
a rod that’s pretty stout that gives
leverage for the fish when he’s fighting
back to be able to pull free of those
hooks so you want a rod that’s kind of a
spring gives it gives a little bit when
he does those surges be able to keep
that fish locked up and get that lunker
to the boat this combination here is an
Akuma Helios rod with it are paired with
the kuma Helios air reel great
combination even though this rod
sometimes with rods you know you got it
says on the side is as a crankbait rod
there’s a jig rod this doesn’t say that
exactly but it has those characteristics
of a great crank bait rod the other
thing I have on if you notice this is a
mini guide system little teeny guides on
it and the reason why I have these on
here is because they’re much more
sensitive than other other guides
they’re closer to the to the blank
there’s less of a lag there so that
there’s less distance for the vibration
to transfer to the blank so I can feel
everything and you might think you know
well if your crank bait fishing the fish
when he hits it he just Wallace it and
he’s about ready to rip the rod right
out of your hand
well that’s true in some instances but a
lot of times those fish will come right
up they’ll swim behind the bait and
they’ll mouth it they’ll just grab it
and immediately feel that it’s not now
and blow it right back out and you might
not even feel that sometimes the
vibration of the crank pit will go from
a tick tick tick tick tick to it thud
and it’ll change back to a tick tick
tick tick that’s it that’s all you feel
or sometimes just the cadence of the
vibration might change a little bit and
so a real sensitive rod is essential to
pick up on those things so when you’re
selecting a big casting reel you want
one that has like a 6 to 3 or 6 to 1
gear ratio or higher this one in
particular this is the Okuma helios air
reel it has a 7 3 to 1 gear ratio I like
that for two reasons number one when I
make that long cast the first thing I
want to do is crank it down really fast
and get that crank back down to a
running depth and then slow it down so I
can get it down faster with a higher
gear ratio also what I like is sometimes
I like to burn back the the crank bait
like a vibrating crank bait
burn it back really fast so a higher
kick your ratio helps me do that the
other thing is I used for the line I use
fluorocarbon line I like to use tatoo a
cigar line because fluorocarbon is a lot
of different advantages for crank baton
first of all like I mentioned with the
sensitivity fluorocarbon is really
sensitive and so you’re going to feel
the all those vibrations that I just
told you about also fluorocarbon is more
abrasion resistant now I mentioned or
haven’t mentioned yet but I’m going to
is the different areas you want to fish
you’re going to be thrown in stumpy
field you’re going to be throwing logs
pilings rock piles you’re going to be
fishing riprap things like that and this
lines can be draping across all that and
it’s going to get nicked it’s going to
have some frein and abrasion you can’t
get away from that but Seaguar
fluorocarbon line is much more resistant
to that than other other lines and you
might think well why don’t I just use
braid well for crank baton
really what you want to use is
fluorocarbon because fluorocarbon is not
as boolean as other baits other lines as
a matter of fact it kind of sinks
whereas monofilament copolymer braid it
has buoyancy to it and those lines are
going to prevent the lure from reaching
its maximum advertised depth
fluorocarbon Dada on the other hand it
sinks it’s not as weighted line per se
but it does say
it’s going to allow that bait to get to
its maximum depth so we’ve talked about
the line we’ve talked about the rod I
talked a little bit about the reel this
is a bait casting reel I’m using twelve
pound test line freshwater spinning
reels are great for ten pound test and
lighter I like to use 12 pound test and
heavier and that’s what bait casting
gear is designed for it’s also like a
winch and when you’re cranking all day
long that power winch it makes it easier
to crank and you’re not going to get ass
petite I’m using 12 pound line because
thicker diameter line it has you know a
heavier diameter line 15 pound 17 pound
on higher it has a thicker diameter has
more resistance in the water not again
is going to prevent the bait from
reaching this maximum depth 12 pounds
what I want to go with so you might
think well that logic hey Glen once you
use eight pound test six pound test well
as I mentioned before you’re going to be
bringing it across rocks dumps logs
those type of things and that lighter
line isn’t going to hold up to that kind
of abuse twelve pound is about the
minimum that you want to go with so
that’s that’s a good all-around
all-purpose line twelve pound
fluorocarbon again straight fluorocarbon
I don’t use any leaders on it that’s why
I can get away with using the mini guide
system here I don’t have to worry about
any knots or anything trying to get to
the guides all right so that’s that’s
the equipment let’s talk a little bit
about the the baits themselves and what
I do here first off with it when you get
a bait you want to check the hooks you
want to check the hooks for two things
strength and sharpness take the hook
point and drag it across your finger now
if it scratches it great if it tries to
ding it dig into your fingernail while
you’re scratching it even better you
want ultra sharp hooks if they feel
really dull that’s not a very good
quality hook now of course you can
sharpen it I know how to sharpen them I
can do that but if it’s dull right out
of the box that tells me it’s made out
of a soft material and that hook is
going to dull up a lot faster also what
you might want to do is take a pair of
pliers and see if you can’t bend the
hook point out a little bit
don’t wrench on it because every every
hook will be able to bend at some point
but if it takes relatively easy for you
to bend that hook point out yeah look
out that’s not a good sign
is if you got a nice lunker tied onto
that crankbait feed mixing lunch he’s
apt to straighten that hook out you can
get loose so for those type of hooks I
replace them I just get some you know
number fours number six round bend
treble hooks and you can get them you
know Gamakatsu make some mint Mustad
makes and they’re all good quality hooks
but i replace them again not all hooks
need to be replaced but check them just
to make sure those that need to replace
I definitely do the other thing I do is
I remove the split ring I take them
right off I don’t like split rings for a
couple of reasons number one the knot
tends to find itself right where those
wires connect and it rubs against the
line it can break the line the other
thing is I don’t think split rings give
the debate enough movement it don’t
allow it to move as freely so what I do
is I replace it with a snap just like
that I put a snap on here and is that
four to reason that snap is a little bit
bigger then then a snap then a split
ring so it allows the bait to move a lot
more freer plus with this with a snap
here I can swap out baits really easily
while I’m out there fishing I have to
bother with three tiny I just unhook it
drop the bait put another one on it I’m
ready to go it’s real fast and easy very
effective way to crank bait fish all
right so we’ve talked about the
equipment talked about some of the
modifications now let’s talk about the
different retrieves that are most
productive for crank baits now obviously
the first thing you can do when you get
a crank bait it’s just chunking wine
just throw it out there and bring it
right on straight back and that can be
very very effective very effective way
of catching fish but a quick couple of
variations on it if you’re if you’re
fishing you haven’t got a bite then you
can do two things you’re going to speed
up the retrieve or slow it down
simple as that sometimes they just want
it faster sometimes they just want it
slower and that’s a great way to catch a
lot of fish nothing is you want to do
with this is you can dig it in the
ground if you’re fishing say for example
six feet of water grab a crankbait that
dives 10 feet or deeper and you want to
dig that bill into the ground even if
there isn’t anything there it’s just
straight flat muddy bottom dig it into
it and you want that bait to deflect and
deflect off things and go off in
different directions so especially
useful if you’ve got rocks
we’ve got Roxas banging on those rocks
and bouncing off and going different
directions that often triggers a bite
even in the fish aren’t biting this is
the cool thing about it bass are
instinctively programmed by nature to
attack injured in disoriented bait fish
and that’s exactly what you’re mimicking
here the the Bill of the crank bait wall
hit a rock he’ll stop for a minute and
then go off in a different direction and
you keep doing it bang bang bang bang
bang it looks injured it looks confused
and that’s what triggers a bite often
when the fish aren’t even the feeding
moved up I’ll hit it anyway
that’s what I call force feeding the
fish to bite so that if you’re doing
that let’s say for example you’re in
deeper water and you don’t have those
things to bang into you can’t get it
deep enough into the into the ground you
can mimic that just by a stop and go
retrieve watch my hand you going along
here and then you stop
crank it stop crank it stop that’s all
you’re doing very simple and do it
radically don’t it don’t like crank
crank crank crank crank crank stop just
sometimes you make five pranks sometimes
you make two and then you stop and the
longer you pause changes you want that
erratic behavior don’t make it a
methodical retrieve just erratic
behavior and that can be really good the
fish is following it fall and fall fall
it’s something you stop it it’s right in
his face and he has to react to it and a
lot of times you get a bite right when
you pause it
another effective at Reve is the sweep
retrieve this works the same sort of
principle as stopping that bait but this
time you’re using the rod to do it cast
it out there
crank it down a few feet and then just
pull back with a rod as it pauses you
want to reel up the slack pull back with
a rod the pause is reeled up the slack
you can do it at different speeds you
can do it really fast really hard but
you know practice with that try
different types of retrieves and figure
out with the fish one it’s funny because
they’ll hit it on a pause you often set
the hook right when you sweep the hook
and sweep the sit the rod that’s kind of
a cool way of doing it now the next
retrieve that involves a different kind
of bait
and that is a vibrating or lipless baton
I like to throw savage gears soft vibes
those work really well but any type of
vibrating bait works what I’m talking
about these well guys they put this on
real quick like I said it’s really easy
to change them out with this
I love these soft buyers look at this it
doesn’t have rattles in it so it doesn’t
give away any unnatural sounds but look
at that
yes it’s very soft so it looks really
soft natural in the water but with these
these type of baits when they fall they
fall straight down and they vibrate as
they fall use that to your advantage
what I like to do is what’s called a
yo-yo retrieve you throw it out there
let the bait sink this thing for a
little while and then what you’re going
to do is bring it up and let it fall
just like that and then bring it up and
as it falls just reel in the slack let
it fall then bring it back up let it
fall bring up the slack line a lot of
times the fish will hit it as it’s
falling and when you’ve reel back on it
to bring it back up you actually
automatically set the hook it’s kind of
a cool wave fishing it can be very very
effective especially in the fall when
the shadow dying that’s a great retrieve
because the fish are keying on those
dining shad and that’s what it looks
like it looks like a dying shad so
excellent retrieve all right so some of
that’s some of the different techniques
you can use again this isn’t super
comprehensive I’m not going to get into
all the more advanced techniques that’s
another video that’s coming but these
basic retrieves and then all this stuff
I just told you are essential to see six
successful crank bait fishing if you
have any questions be sure to leave them
down on the comment section down below
and as always say for more tips and
tricks visit for the
answer to all your questions visit
if you like this video give us a thumbs
up and leave a comment below and if you
want to watch more videos like this
click one of the images on your screen
right now thanks for watching and don’t
forget to subscribe

Crankbait Fishing: What You Need To Know

Video Transcription:

hey guys welcome to another episode of
fishing the Midwest I’m host John D I
want to make today’s video about crank
bait fishing the three crank baits that
I want to focus on today are shallow
diving or square Bowl crank baits medium
or mod depth crank baits and semi deep
diving crankbaits I’m going to skip over
lipless crankbaits I’m going to skip
over the super deep diving crankbaits
and I’m going to skip over wait baits
the three that I’m going to talk about
today are very very useful and you’re
going to be using these types of crank
baits a ton whether you’re fishing in
the south the east-west the Northwest
the Northeast you’re going to be using
these three types of crank baits
probably the most I’m just guessing
right now before I go into any brands
and styles of crank baits the one thing
that I have to mention that goes for any
type of crank but you throw any type of
personal favorite is changing out your
hooks this may seem kind of like a
simple and dumb thing to talk about but
it’s super super important the reason
being is because most hard bait
manufacturing companies will skip on the
clock quality it’s not a bad thing it
actually makes sense but the thing is a
lot of hard bait companies out there
will just kind of put some inexpensive
low-grade hooks on there which not
necessarily are terrible hooks there by
all means very useful and you can use
them but if you want to fish to the best
of your ability you’re gonna want to
switch them out and here’s the reason
why so I’m going to take a very uh light
and that powerful pair of split ring
pliers I lost my train of thought and
show you guys how easy it is to bend
these hooks I just watch this I’m barely
gonna use much pressure at all like I
mean hardly any thing look at that you
saw right there I was barely putting any
pressure I wasn’t like I was grinding
into that I held the hook and I pushed
it down with my index finger it’s very
very important to stock up on quality
hooks the main brand that I really like
you know I’m not affiliated with but the
one I really like is kamikatsu
these hooks are very available all
across the board as far as I can get
them at Dick’s Sporting Goods Walmart
Cabela’s Bass Pro Shop the two main
types I like to use the gamma ewd
troubles and the gamma round bends I
like both for different reasons I’ll use
I’ll use them in different situations I
really figured out which one I liked for
better situations but usually I’m you
the round buns they’re a little less
heavy and they’re super strong they
don’t bend out as easily and they’re
very very very sticky sticky meaning
they’re very sharp you know these hooks
aren’t going to last forever but for the
time being they’re very good inexpensive
alternative the next thing I’ll talk
about is line line right up there is
equally as important is change on your
hooks and I’m very particular about my
line when it comes to any type of
fishing but crankbait fishing especially
the one line brand that I really like is
Seger I go in between Seeger and son
line I really can’t figure out which one
I like better but right now I’m landed
on Seeger I use 12 pound because it’s
got a smaller diameter it’s gonna allow
that crank bait to get down to the
advertised depth and the advertised
depth is what it’s labeled on the
package so if you’ve got like a repeal
of DT 10 and you throw it on 12 pound
test it’s probably going to get down to
10 feet if you were to use like 20 pound
or like some ridiculous rip cord it’s
probably going to get down to like you
know six or seven you’re not gonna be
getting down to where you want that
crank bait to be okay so we’ve covered
line cooks the next thing we’re going to
cover is equipment a cranking setup is
kind of expensive this reel is a Shimano
alda Barents the older alder baron mg
5.8 to 1 gear ratio I like a little bit
faster your ratio when I’m throwing
crank baits because I don’t like that
really low end of the 5 5 gear ratio I
don’t like the 5.1 or 5.0 to 15.8 is
it’s kind of faster I kind of like it in
some cases
I’ll even step up a notch and use my
scripting which is a six point three to
one you don’t need the Shimano all the
Baron it’s not a necessity I don’t
suggest going out and spending you know
like two hundred thirty dollars on this
reel but it’s nice it’s and I’m not
going to bash the reel so fantastic reel
Shimano makes some pretty good products
I’ll be rod on the other hand is
something I do suggest I’ve been working
with cousins tackle for a few months now
I’m fairly new to the company in the rod
selection but they sent me a rod this
specific rod right here because rods got
the backbone to handle pretty decent
sized fish and pre decent size crank
baits as well I’ve even thrown like some
12 to 15 foot diving crankbaits on this
rod Blee or not it’s a 7-foot medium
heavy with a fast action tip the tip is
soft enough where I can kind of work
that bait over hard bottom a little bit
of rock but also powerful enough to get
the hooks into that fish’s mouth
especially in those colder months when
this is a mouth a little bit more dense
this route really came into play this
fall and winter it’s it was like my MVP
stick for the most part I like all my
cousin sticks but I can confident say
this is my favorite one and it’s the one
I highly recommend if you’re going to
start getting into this kind of crank
bait fishing so the other thing I want
to talk about is something kind of
simple and it’s the MVP tool it’s a tool
that I literally keep my pocket 100% of
the time when I’m out on the lake and
it’s this tool right here this guy right
here is a split ring pliers – l– and
it’s pretty worn down as you can see
because i’ve been using a ton i’ve
picked up a walmart for like 13 bucks
it’s a really inexpensive aluminum pair
of split ring pliers but it comes into
play when i’m changing on my hooks
people think changing up hooks is like
an at-home thing you get back home you
change out your hooks and then you go
back out in the water i do this
constantly on the boat and i need to do
it fast and the one tool that allows me
to do that very quickly is these guys
right here
so my crank bait arsenal isn’t too vast
you know i was in college i didn’t have
that much money spent on equipment now
i’m working full-time and doing the
youtube thing so i’ve got a little bit
more cheese to spend on the hard bait
and it’s slowly building okay so right
here I’ve got six let’s see if I can
count yeah six current basics shallow
diving in modern diving crankbaits that
I use the most I don’t really use like a
whole lot of deep deep diving crankbaits
like 15 and plus it’s just not my thing
I really haven’t gotten good enough
about it to teach you guys what I know
so pretty much my favorite type of crank
bait fishing is mod def crank bait
fishing that means kind of like from
that seven to eleven foot range so my
first favorite mod depth diving
crankbait is the dt six by repeal this
guy is notorious I don’t even need to
talk about this dude it’s a fantastic
crank baits but not for a very long time
and it’s great great for fall fishing
the next one has been a new favorite
I’ve been using this just this year it’s
the imap inject 200 it’s a pretty
inexpensive crank bait it’s only like
you know ten bucks it comes with pretty
decent stock hook so a few are Sol and
don’t have some gummies you’re pretty
much set with these I actually fish them
with the stocks are super super sharp
and pretty durable for the most part
another medium diving crankbait classic
is the post rappel wiggle worm that I’ve
got right here now I say poster pala
horn wasn’t always teamed up with
rubella and they were making apparently
a pretty killer wig award I haven’t used
it too much I’ve used in some cases but
not enough I’m a little nervous to throw
them because they are rare and they’re
kind of expensive but this is the one
you can find just about anywhere right
here I’ve got the pre repeller wig award
still in the package I’m not sure if I’m
going to open this up yet but if you get
your hands on one of these you should
probably fish it because it’s got a
pretty unique action I don’t know the
logistics I think there’s a little bit
more plastic or weight to it on one side
it gives it an erratic action I don’t
know it might be all hype but I’ve got
one there might hang it up in my wall or
whatever the last one is a bill Norman
middle-end now this right here has
caught me more four or five Tom bass
than any other hard-baked that I’ve ever
thrown this is in a chrome sexy shad I
get a lot of use out of this in Lake
Erie and some of those deeper kind of
pressured lakes for some reason they
really like this if they’re if they’re
feeding on bait fish in like early to
mid summer this is the color that I’m
throwing this is not a clear water color
but a little bit dirty you’re staying
water this bait really comes into play
and it dives to about seven or eight
maybe you did a little bit more to pay
what diameter of line are using now I
don’t use a whole lot of shallow diving
crankbaits or at least a variety of them
I stick to kind of two main ones the two
that ever like throwing are the fat John
60 that’s what this is called right yeah
fat john 6 e which is the shallow diving
of the like Little John or whatever and
the other one of course you all know
what this bait is I’m even hesitant even
say it should I say it yes it’s the KVD
1.5 by striking it is the best thing
since sliced bread it’s a very
inexpensive shallow diving square boat
crank bait they just flat out catches
fish whether you’re fishing it in silent
which this guy is right here or fishing
with rattles it’s going to produce fish
honestly I think that’s about it I
covered some of the main aspects of
crank bait fishing you know I don’t want
to go too much into like the colors
because in my opinion that’s personal
preference it depends on the lakes that
you’re fishing you know the styles of
body water what the fish are doing in
your area so if I get too specific I
don’t want to sway people’s personal
preference and what they have already
predetermined when they’re approaching a
new leg or a reoccurring body of water
all right well I think that about does
it for today’s video I am this close to
passing out it’s almost
medium or something like that here in
Northern Illinois I’m wiped oh I got
work in the morning I want to make this
video for you guys uh as always good
fishing and I’ll catch you guys next
time on the next episode of fishing

Huge Bass Moving Shallow

Big Bass Video Transcription:

alright guys it is a Saturday and I’m
gonna dedicate the entire day to fishing
got a pond I’ve been fishing for a while
here made one video out here kinda like
a 5 pound bass and some crops but a lot
of these ponds I fished you’re fishing
for one bite that’s it we’re gonna fish
this pond with my fish another pond
another pot on the pond until we catch a
big fish earlier there’s not that many
fish in here but if you do get a bite
and you know it’s gonna be solid
we got pre-spawn kind of maybe spawning
fish pretty bad but we got a really warm
day today we’ve got mid-70s
and hopefully fish should be moving up
shallow we’re gonna fish this pretty
much this whole pond with our jig to try
and get a really big fish tonight if
that don’t work and maybe they’re not on
beds we’ll try and look this crankbait
figure this one out the goal today is
just something bigger spawn in Texas
you gotta figure this out thanks for
got it
ah first fish of the day
not too bad probably a smaller female
probably wasn’t on a bed judging by our
tail still in perfect shape but just put
the shore thinking about it at least
took us about 30 minutes of fiction to
get that first bite that fish did hit it
on the run so it makes me wonder maybe
I’m not better off with the lipless it
does fish aren’t necessarily a hundred
percent on bed yet I might be better
with a fast-moving bait than this
slow-moving bait
that’s a big fish oh my gosh guys
it’s a giant it’s a giant it’s a giant
oh it’s huge no don’t you know
there it is oh my gosh oh my gosh that
fish would not stop jumping oh my
friends we did it again we did it again
I got no words
she was not coming off pre-spawn fish
you know she wasn’t on a bed but she was
up somewhat shallow probably on on the
first leg or first drop off great shake
credible fast
let’s get her back guys thank you for
alright guys gonna like this giant go
only to fish but man one of them looks
like that we’ll take it
all right guys thank you for watching
that was awesome
came out here with the mindset it kind
of throw in the jig for a couple hours
and just trying to get that one pie it
like I said not a lot of fish in some of
these ponds but when you do catch one
it’s a pretty good one that first fish
ate that jig on the run so it kind of
makes me wonder if that fish might have
not been on a bitch but just been up
shallow kind of cruising so which was
Lucas crankbait on with her for like a
half hour and didn’t get any bites and
know that one giant feeding and that
fish was not on a bed either she was a
little further out so that tells me kind
of what I need to know waters still a
little bit colder the fish aren’t
necessarily on beds yet but they are
aggressive and they are moving up and
I’m so stoked we got that one monster
thank you guys for watching a lot of big
fish coming up this is just the
beginning of the spring we’re gonna find
some more giants like that hopefully
even bigger thank you for


CHEAP Jon Boat to Bass Boat HOMEMADE Build!!! (How To Make)

DIY John Boat to Bass Boat for Under 1000 Dollars


what are you looking at there Jim just
just getting ready for the day get a
picture my mind finding any good stuff
on theirs there’s some pretty good ones
on here I think we could talk them
though for under a thousand bucks
I think these dude spends a lot more
than we’re doing this out of budget but
I still think we can make it nice well
folks welcome back an episode of fishing
with flake today we are building the
John boat in the video user saw we
purchased everything now today we are
actually going to build a John’s been
researching ideas I’ve been researching
ideas and I think we’ve got a pretty
good idea of what we’re gonna build but
before we get started one of the huge
things to co-speaker for sponsoring this
video if it was not for these guys this
boat build would not happen I partner
with these guys to make this boat build
happen they are supporting the channel
and I really do appreciate it if you
guys want to check out co-speaker use
code Flair you actually at 65% off your
speaker I’ll leave the link at the very
top of the description it’s this thing
right here this is what it looks like
this little slow speaker dude it’s
pretty loud Wow it’s bluetooth outdoor
indoor use as well if it’s in the cup
holder of your truck it’s really nice
it’s really small portable we’re gonna
be bumping some tunes as we’re building
this so today I’m pretty excited for it
I think the boat is gonna turn out
really well but again huge tanks those
guys for sponsoring this video go to the
link up the very top of the scription go
check it out make sure use code Flair
you get 65% off I say let’s try this out
these guys haven’t seen fin since you
know what happened you know fin he’s a
boy and when boys get to a certain age
sometimes you gotta do some things that
you know I’m not super proud of doing
but it’s something that you gotta do
there’s a lot of reasons why you have to
do this most dogs do get neutered and he
got neutered and he kind of looks kind
of funny but we’re gonna actually listen
let’s try this thing out and see if it
let’s see sounds dogs love
yeah hey buddy hey show me your chicken
leg hey come here I know you’re
embarrassed sit
hey you sit down look at you gonna see
his chicken leg
poor guy they’d put the IV right there
feel bad for him you know he was just
doing thin things and next thing you
know it’s just he’s not the same did you
enjoy that sound did that get you
excited about life he’s been kind of
down in the dumps after this you know
he’s been on meds painkillers of
interest really sad so it’s kind of nice
to see him kind of perk up that was
quick cuz I’ve seen him movie yeah since
he’s been back he came ripping through
here he’s just been moping around for
the last couple days go check on the
boat and see what I can do there she is
mmm-hmm get a good look get a good look
at her because everything is about to
change today is the day we are building
the John vote without under $1,000 okay
I’m not going crazy I’m talking about
anything like that in battle the 10
pounder is like Olivia bass boat but
this is gonna be my pond hoppin Bush I
don’t want to go crazy with it and build
like something crazy so I mean we’re
gonna put a deck on it but then you can
also put a back deck with some hatches
and stuff but every bit of plywood that
you add is just adding weight and I
didn’t get a trailer for this and I’m
not sure if I’m going to again this is
gonna be kind of like a just throw in
the back of the pickup go just dump it
into some farm pond that doesn’t have a
boat ramp and go bass fishing and I’m
gonna make this the most bass fishing
effective John vote for under $1,000 so
that’s that’s the base of this video
this is not just like turned this boat
into the crazy most epic badass John
boat bass boat conversion ever that’s
not this video I apologize that video we
filmed basically last year with the 10
pounder that’s the most badass John boat
that that that’s pretty much every bit
built but this one is gonna be a simple
simple a fired version this is just for
you guys at home maybe you’re ballin on
a budget you don’t have a lot of time or
money or she’s nice this is the budget
version of a bass boat but essentially
that’s what we got going on today I got
John with me he’s gonna help me build
this thing we’ve got basically hopefully
probably not everything we need and I’m
gonna try to do this the best way
possible but I’m sure a lot of you guys
know better ways to do this than I do or
just gonna wing it this is gonna be the
flare version which normally is the not
correct version if you guys enjoy John
boat builds let me know we’ll build
maybe this summer and do it different or
whatever any any type of videos like
this any DIY project whether it’s
fishing or hunting related maybe you
want to see us build a duck blind or a
duck blind on a boat whatever you guys
want to see drop some comments down
below let me know what you want to see
let’s just jump into it all right step
one we got to measure this so there’s a
couple different ways you can do this
you can take a cardboard cutout and do
like a stencil and then lay it on there
but I don’t have cardboard – that just
seems too easy
I think I got to do it more of the flesh
way which is I’m just going to measure
just do a bunch of measurements and just
kind of trace it and hope for the best
that’s essentially what I’m doing so
want to measure from the back of the
deck to the front across the cross maybe
every foot across try to trace it out
there with a sharp because I don’t have
a pencil we’ll see how this goes
now we’re gonna safety first
all right the goal is not to break a
blade and don’t cut the power cord
all right this side went a lot smoother
than the other one the other one I’m not
too confident on that I cut correctly
but we’re almost there I gotta shave off
that little bit and then cut this
straight across and we’re gonna we’re
gonna drive fit it’s definitely take a
little bit you know finessing a little
bit we should be all right you think you
got it dialed in here all right let’s
try it this thing I’m sure it won’t fit
but as long as it’s closed it looks like
a deck of a boat kind of didn’t do too
bad it’s just rubbing on this side right
here at all so we’re still it still
needs to come up so I see a trim shoot
them off this part and a little bit on
the other side oh yeah we’re gonna be
flipping and pitching for days boys
low-key kind of impressed with myself
didn’t think I could do anything like
this but all right let’s finish up
trimming it and gotta get going so the
thing about trimming is as you trim and
you push it forward it it’s just the the
geometric shape of a boat is not easiest
but we did it I mean you’ve got a couple
back here down here I mean there’s a
little bit of a gap but it’s not enough
to really make a difference we shaved it
too close on that side but we did pretty
well I mean I think I think there’s
enough of a gap that might that might
get tight with the the carpet we might
just gonna have to stomp on this a lot
and wedge it I guess what it should be
should be good enough so we got the deck
done now the question is I think we need
to paint this so that way it’s sealed
the issue is it’s all wet and dirty I
don’t think you can paint a wet and
dirty board so we’re trying the next
step is trying to build this hatch we’re
gonna put a hatch here know what we’ve
also decided to it this was leftover and
I really wasn’t lying on using this
piece of wood but we can’t buy a note we
really can’t buy anything else right now
we’re right out
thousand dollars for this so normally
you’d buy another piece of ply without
fit this whole thing but this will work
I’m just gonna have to cut the little
notch out but this is gonna be a back
casting deck for whoever the co-angler
is in the back so we’re gonna use this
it’s not going to look super super
pretty because there’s gonna be a pet
piece of this and see like this but
it’ll actually a little bit more we’re
just gonna make it do basically if you
guys buy this boat and you buy one giant
sheet thing it’s a form eight sheet of
plywood you can do this
Oh as you get a bigger piece right now
we got to figure out the hatch up here
okay so these are only let’s just say 14
inches say so that would hold thanks
kidding if you just want to put some
tackle and you probably want it about
let’s do that so let’s do 14 by 14 that
way you can just drop okay
that’ll work but then what you want to
do is we’re gonna have to go over a
little bit on these three inches would
be super safe I’m just talking out loud
here just trying to figure out how I
wanted this but I think it should be 14
14 and then lengthwise maybe make it
another three maybe so we could do 17 by
14 so 17 by 14 well try 14 by seven this
is the drawing I came up with so reason
why it looks like a box within a box
this inside Perimeter box it’s gonna be
the hole
this is going to be a support right here
there’s gonna be support on the back
there’s gonna be support on the side and
then right about here that’s gonna be
the bench
that’s the bench so that’s gonna be
support there so basically this hatch is
gonna lift up get supported on each side
this is gonna be the hole so no no it’s
gonna work it’s like that it’s like that
bingo bingo we gotta figure it out
well looks like a hatch to me that’s a
pretty big one I think that can hold a
lot of stuff hopefully where I’m gonna
make it like a decent support out of
this we don’t fall through it but
basically this thing’s just gonna open
up like this
get whatever gadgets and gizmos you got
in there will give us enough room for
the trolling motor you know the foot
pedal up in front of it yeah but all
you’re tackling there may be a battery
now pretty much all these are wiped down
what I’m using here is that’s what Josie
uses he says so this works basically
this is just protective enamel to seal
this thing when you cut into it and you
know you put it on a boat it gets wet
the carpet I was gonna soak up some
water and you just don’t want to absorb
the water because then it expands and
then your deck isn’t flat anymore and
there’s a bunch of problems but if you
paint the whole thing it should
hopefully seal it fingers crossed this
is what we used on the 10-pounder and it
works so we’re gonna get this a painting
hit the hatch of painting we’re gonna go
get some food go guess we’re missing a
few parts little pieces that we need
some more more equipment stuff we need
more tools we need more materials and
we’re grab some food we’ll come back
hopefully it’s dried by the end flip it
over paint it again and then time for
some carpet
well folks how we uh we’re here start a
day to what do you think you didn’t go
looking it turned out alright I think
it’s gonna do the job I mean it’s not
oh it’s dry we’re good we put quite a
few coats on on this I don’t know this
is what Josie told me is this what he
used on the 10-pounder into like I think
he put a bunch of coats on we put like
three coats on each side and we’re just
gonna hope for the best
I mean if it if it rots or it warps or
whatever it is what it is this is
supposed to be like a cheap johnboat
bill this is not like a have this boat
for the next 10 15 years and have it not
have any issues it’s just a quick for
those you guys at home that maybe have a
jon boat or a pond a fish and you would
make a quick little the cheapest
basically deck that you can get this is
essential what we’re doing so we sealed
it all up it turned into rock and roll
but what I didn’t show you guys is this
well this is gonna be hopefully a
support beam and then these two two by
sixes little little chunks those are
gonna be for the trolling motor you
wanna you have to elevate the trolling
one you guys will see all this later
today understand you we did do some
stuff on this since we did go to the
store did buy a circular saw just made
life a little bit easier oh you know so
that’s gonna store buying some tools and
we’ll they let the paint dry and now
it’s the next day and now I guess on the
agenda today is we need to glue the
carpet down staple the carpet down on to
that and then attach the hatch with the
hinges and do basically just make it
come to life that’s essentially the plan
today you guys stay tuned
blue done I think I did a halfway decent
job not really sure but we’re gonna flip
this bad boy back over and see how it
really it’s too much ah whatever call /
walk walk around this whole thing press
it down you’ll start cutting and then
basically flip it over start stapling
you should be in business
not bad thing that looks clean it
doesn’t look bad at all we still need to
cut out the middle obviously that looks
really freaking good yeah we’ll get the
hatch going we got to cut that out
anyway there’s no matter if it doesn’t
fit well we’re just scrapping this whole
video this looks really good so this is
the front deck looking like it’s pretty
much done just got to cut cut the hatch
out fold the carpet in and then we still
have to carpet the hatch itself install
the hinges install the trolling motor
all that stuff though we’re making some
progress folks we’ve got put on a few
supports this isn’t like the main
support this is just the support for the
hatch what we came up with well I was
gonna paint these and see them and I was
like you know that’s just a lot of work
so we’re not gonna do that
I have doing one so essentially you do
put this right here and then you screw
it we also got screwed from the top you
screw this down and then this gives a
something for the hatch to rest on so if
you’re standing on the hatch it’s
supported so you don’t need a front one
because we left all this room and the
reason we left so much is so the hatch
basically supported this way then we’re
going to put one two three here
that when you step on the hatch it’s at
least somewhat supported and we’re gonna
put a beam right here to support this
area that’s like the weakest link pretty
easy way to support your hatch there’s
something that’s odd this is again the
cheapest way you can do this this is
without doing any aluminum framing like
you had aluminum framing out of this you
wouldn’t need to do this this is let me
slap a piece of plywood wrap it in some
carpet and make sure it doesn’t break so
uh let’s get the support center
all right look at that that’s that’s
pretty supportive these line up like
this so you basically you could put the
hatch in here step on it and it wouldn’t
fall down bonds daddy showed up just
just Alston I hear a knock on the garage
and I was like oh who’s that open the
garage responds daddy he’s here it’s
looking pretty cheese and rice I mean
it’s not the prettiest again this is
just kind of like a hope for the best
but essentially that’s your frame your
support frame let’s try to put that
thing in there and see what it looks
like Monni that’s good enough that’s
good enough for me
well that just took off about six hours
more like about to get the hinge on it’s
gonna be about like that and then we got
to get the handle on and we’re pretty
much good to go they just saw the
Toronto motor which that fingers crossed
shouldn’t be too big of an issue wallah
there’s nothing to really step on dang I
am shocked this work it’s so hard to
make a hatch like I didn’t even my
measurements were not precise I mean
it’s not nothing too square about this
boat it works and that’s the best part
is you don’t have to like you can just
kind of slam it down and it shuts you
don’t have to sit then step on it or
whatever but then there’s also no gaps
where anything could like roll in like
weights or anything like that like
biggest gaps right there isn’t big at
all all right well I’m gonna finish
screen this end and then get started on
the trolling motor so we’re gonna do is
put this piece of where this is a two by
six and we measured it to the length of
the bracket for your trailer so just
gonna pound what you have we’re just
gonna drill it in just like this at an
angle that way the trailer goes off and
it’s gonna land kind of in the middle of
the boat it doesn’t matter if it’s off
to the side it’s not a huge deal I just
like it in the middle so we’re gonna
drill a couple of pilot holes would
probably do maybe one on each corner and
then one in the middle
well after two full days of work I
thought was gonna say like two hours
this morning and it’s like 4:00 p.m.
right now we started eight so it’s uh
it’s taken out taking a hot minute but
here is the final production version
keep it down over there it’s not cleaned
up obviously we need to vacuum it we a
didn’t really show you is right under
there is just a piece of what it’s gonna
be the support beam basically just took
a block of wood and cut it and then just
stuck on there and just shove it in
there and angle it that way I can rip it
out any time it’s not screwed in it
gives support right here this is the
weakest link so there’s just a block of
wood that’s supporting there so when you
step on it everything’s together and
everything turned out well I mean it’s
this thing turned out this this took
forever but as you can see we built the
supports around it and I see right here
we do have the trolling motor on now
which has this plug so I’m gonna have to
do some type of conversion rig where it
goes from the battery and maybe have a
plug in it’s what we use for the
trolling motor it’s just two two by
sixes it’s not treated also disclaimer
we did not go to the full length to like
waterproof everything steel at all do
everything the correct way like if you
want this boat to last a decade or maybe
even five years you don’t want to do
exactly the way we’re doing it you want
to use you know screws that are treated
the wood I’ve heard you’re not suppose
he’s treated wood but you’re supposed to
seal it using like paint that we did so
you want to make sure you seal
everything up before you do anything
like we did that’s one thing we didn’t
do we did not use or we didn’t steal it
we sealed everything as much as we could
but we could have done a better job
there is a chance that this stuff it’s
gonna warp and and buckle and do
everything else and maybe even rot out
who knows but again this is just kind of
like a for fun on the farm type of boat
that we’re gonna be using so this gives
you guys the concept of building a boat
but you’re gonna want to use maybe
better materials more sealant stuff like
that that will you know keep it from
rotting the other part that we didn’t
show you is this so all this is is a
piece of wood an extra piece of wood
that we had and we just threw some
carbon on we didn’t even glue it we
didn’t do anything just slides right out
you can see it’s just wide open back
here so you can walk all over it I’m not
gonna break I think that’s pretty much
it I mean you guys can see it’s I mean
it looks like a bass boat I think it’d
be good but again this is gonna be just
you know for pond hopping Farms stuff
like that that’s pretty much if you guys
enjoyed this video let me know in
comment section down below remember you
need to name this thing I’ll give away a
I’ll give away 25 backs of googan baits
to the person that I choose to name this
so we’ve got the 10 pounder the squeaker
seeker the warthog the flare B&B; the
Ducks diner the Brubaker those are so
far the things that you guys have named
those are Lakes
those are trailers campers and boats the
boasting of the squeaker seeker and the
10 pounder so we need the name for this
guy if I pick your name I’ll give you 25
packs of googan baits that’s pretty much
it but if you guys enjoyed the building
video let me know I’ll do more I’ll go
buy another boat maybe a bigger one
maybe a smaller one maybe make it more
complex make it more simple you guys let
me know what you guys want to see in the
comment section down below
really do appreciate the view please

Bass Fishing for Beginners – How To Bass Fish – Bass Fishing Tips 2019

How To: Bass Fishing for Beginners 2019

Bass Fishing Conditions

Comprehend the propensities for bass amid each season. Spring and summer give perfect fishing conditions as bass will nourish nearer to shore promptly toward the beginning of the day and move out into vast water around spring diverts and structures later in the day.

Separation spring into  sections to streamline the spawning conduct. Prespawn, spawn, postspawn, and presummer require diverse approaches.

Prespawn makes them fish at around –  feet .– . m in depth, spawn moves you up to a shallower depth towards their spawning beds, postspawn moves you down to –  feet .– . m, and presummer is the ideal time to fish around structures and the shore.

Amid winter and lower temperatures, bass won’t use much exertion and will possibly nibble when your draw is promptly inside their strike zone. Bass are whimsical amid fall yet will sustain nearer to shore as the temperature drops.

Streamline your landscape. Bass like to remain nearby to specific regions or cover up inside garbage relying upon the climate, time of day and which period of their spawning cycle they are in. Vegetation, rough bottoms, shallow pads, fallen trees, structures, shrubs and grass are on the whole incredible spots to set your cast.

Greater bass regularly hang out underneath docks.

Pick your area dependent on the season of day. Bass like to encourage nearer to shore in the first part of the day and move out into vast water later in the day. Fish off structures in late evening as bass will search for shade and more profound water.

Picking the Right Lure

Fish with crankbaits when you need to cover a great deal of water. Crankbaits are best in light vegetation, rough bottoms, shallow pads, and through brambles and grass. These draws are very versatile. Crankbaits come either lipless or with a lip and each is successful relying upon the depth and the speed at which you reel.

Utilize lipless crankbaits in case you’re fishing in  foot . m of water or in case you’re fishing as profound as  feet  m. You should reel quicker or utilize a lighter bait in shallow water, while you will reel slower or utilize a heavier draw when fishing further water.

Utilize a particular lipped crankbait relying upon the depth of the water since they are delegated shallow, medium or profound jumping dependent on a   .  nylon monofilament or fluorocarbon line.

The bait won’t plunge as profound in the event that you utilize a higher pound line. The impact increments as the distance across of the line increments.

Utilize square bill crankbaits or crankbaits with round, thickset lips and sharp calculated off noses when fishing for bass in shallow water, around wood or rock.

Send medium jumping crankbaits when fishing in a –  feet .– . m go. In case you’re fishing  feet . m or more profound, utilize profound plunging crankbaits.

Lipless crankbaits can without much of a stretch be tore out of grass or knock along a spotless base though a lipped crankbait will hit something and kick outwards in light of the fact that the lip goes about as a deflector.

The state of your crankbait decides how much development you will get, which is imperative relying upon the temperature of the water as bass are less dynamic in colder temperatures.

With an increasingly adjusted bodied crankbait you’ll get a wide wobble that is alluring to bass that are forceful, as a rule when water is hotter; interestingly, a level crankbait with thin sides will have a more tightly squirm that is additionally speaking to bass in virus water who won’t respond to substantial movements.

Fish with spinnerbaits when you need to fish through brisk spread. On account of their exceptional sharp edge shape, they can plunge and be recovered quickly. Spinner baits work best when it’s blustery and overcast since they are intended to cause a response from the bass. Utilize quicker spinner baits in clearer water and slower ones in muddier water.

Cast near you first at that point cast more remote away to cover bigger zones without frightening the fish. Plan to change the speed at which you recover your cast and the measure of time you let the bait sink before reeling it in.

Pick spinnerbaits in standard or weedless. A weedless spinnerbait is a decent choice on the off chance that you are fishing in a great deal of spread, but at the same time are more earnestly to set the snare on. Add a miscreant snare to find short striking fish.

There are  noteworthy sharp edge types leaf, Colorado, and Indiana. Every sharp edge type is powerful for various conditions.

The leaf cutting edge is best when fishing through grass and in clear water when you need a quick recovery. It is a long thin sharp edge with adjusted indicates on either end permit a quicker turn and less water resistance.

Convey the Colorado cutting edge when fishing during the evening or in sloppy and dim water. The adjusted shape enables it to turn slower giving the bass greater chance to bite.

Use the Indiana edge as a trade off to the slower Colorado sharp edge and quicker leaf edge.

The bigger the cutting edge implies that it is less demanding to move around stumps, rocks, and different trash, while limited edges move rapidly through scanty grass.

  Fish for Bass   

Fish with topwater draws in exceptionally shallow water. These are additionally viable in zones that are canvassed in surface vegetation, for example, lily cushions. These draws are intended to swell the water surface with popping and sprinkling as you recover it.

In the spring, splendid hues work best, and in the fall and winter, dark white or dim function admirably.

Pick topwaters that produce a great deal of commotion and sprinkle to stand out enough to be noticed.

Topwater draws come in walkers, poppers, wakebaits, minnows/jerk baits, prop baits, buzzbaits, and frogs. Each extraordinary sort of topwater bait is best in various conditions.

Walkers are best when covering a ton of best water rapidly on the grounds that it keeps the bait in striking separation for the bass.

Poppers ought to be conveyed when fishing around stumps, docks, shrubberies, rocks, and little regions that are secured on the grounds that these draws will irritate bass into gnawing. They are additionally incredible for fishing in springs.

Wakebaits work best in clear water when fish are pulled in to the V molded wake.

Minnows/jerk baits exceed expectations in clear lakes or little regions where bass may frighten at forceful draws. They are extraordinary amid spawning when bass are guarding their homes.

Prop baits ought to be utilized in spots with a great deal of grass, particularly amid spawning season. They make a ton of development even without moving an extraordinary separation, which keeps them in a bass’ striking reach longer.

Buzzbaits ought to be utilized in meager grass and places where you feel your draw may get caught yet despite everything you need a topwater introduction. These are best subsequent to spawning amid the prefall.

Frogs are intended to mirror genuine frogs so use them viably around substantial grass. They can likewise be utilized around spread as they are one of the hardest draws to catch. Bot frogs and mice are incredible for fishing in lily cushions.

  Fish for Bass   

Fish with dances when you need an exceptionally precise feel on hold. Dances are likewise great when you’re utilizing shortrun flipping and pitching methods as opposed to throwing out into the separation. The basic plastic evading draws in bass all year round.

Bass will more often than not hit a bait while it is falling, so after it has sat on the base for a bit give the pole tip a little jerk to check whether anything has gotten your bait.

Dances are best when utilized in spread or shut to cover so know about the danger of getting caught. Dances are intended to mirror crawfish so attempt to influence them to hurry along the bottom.

The two dances and plastic worms are best utilized gradually.

Utilize a ¾ounce dance when fishing through thick grass.

Dances are additionally compelling when fishing on docks and wharfs since they give security from predators.

  Fish for Bass   

Fish with plastic and elastic draws to emulate worms or reptiles. These baits are the most adaptable and the best since they are so exact. They can likewise be fished weighted or weightless.

Gliding plastics can be utilized simply like a topwater, and any sort of plastic can be fished weedless to permit fishing in very substantial vegetation.

Fish with plastic/elastic baits in the Winter when bass are not exceptionally dynamic. These draws can in any case be viable in hotter climate in the event that you utilize somewhat greater development yet the main time these baits are incapable are when bass are very active.

Plastic/elastic baits work best when water is more than  °F  °C. Utilize expansive draws that are –  inches –  cm when the water is dinky however shorter baits that are –  inches –  cm when the water is clear and the bass are lethargic.

The two apparatuses and plastic/elastic draws are best utilized gradually.


Bass Fishing Lure Deciding Factors

How to chose the right fishing lure?

Match your line with the jumping depth. Pair the right size of line with your crankbait as indicated by how profound you need the bait to run.

For instance, utilize a   .  fluorocarbon line to help up a profound jumping crankbait or you can utilize a similar   .  fluorocarbon line to get a medium plunging crankbait to remain at its most profound range.

  Fish for Bass   

Pick lighter spinnerbaits for shallow water and heavier draws for more profound depths. The load will run from ounce to  ounces.

Keep in mind that the slower you reel, the more profound your draw will swim while reeling quick keeps your bait shallow.

Edge measure likewise influences how profound your draw will go yet you can likewise add a trailer to your snare for lightness and movement.

Utilize a drifting plastic/elastic bait, around  inches  cm, with a light wire rig. Plastic/elastic draws come in various shapes and sizes yet recall that they are intended to copy worms or reptiles so use lines that won’t actually get caught in vegetation