Perfect Timing – Largemouth Bass on a Jig

8lb largemouth bass

8lb largemouth BassBass caught on a jig

Caught this beautiful largemouth bass on a jig


What is a Crankbait – How to choose a Crankbait – Crankbaits for Bass

What is a crankbait?

crankbait for bass
Picture of a fishing crankbait
What do you really need to know about
fishing crankbaits? When I first started
fishing crankbaits I was totally
confused color action sound even the
material there’s so many options out
there I was just totally overwhelmed I
needed to know the answer to questions I
didn’t even know to ask it and let’s
face it these things are expensive I
couldn’t go out and spend a bunch of
money on a bunch of different crankbaits
and hope they were the ones I
needed for whatever situation that I was
in on that particular Lake so this is
the system that I came up with and it
works well for me
now you’re gonna notice that I use a lot
of different crankbaits but this is a
year-round any season any water color
any situation crankbait technique it works
well for me now the reason why is
because I use crankbaits as a search
bait a lot of times when I’m fishing new
lakes or new water crankbaits are a
great reaction strike bait and they
allow me to go cover a lot of water
really fast and find active fish or find
areas where fish are living then I can
go back and slow down so I need a bait
that I can cover a lot of water very
quickly at any time of year any water
type any structure or cover and a
crankbait can’t accomplish that for you
so do you need the multitude of crankbaits
that I’m going to go over
absolutely not
if you fish a certain area a certain
group of lakes or a certain Lake in
particular you’re gonna know for the
most part what bite is best at what time
of you again I go back to saying and I
state again this is a search tool for me
for when I’m going out to new lakes to
cover new water it helps me find those
active bass quickly any time of year any
type of cover any type of structure any
type of water clarity I hope this helps
you guys find and catch more bass
hey sorry about the location and the
water of change here but a pop-up
thunderstorm come by and as you can see
I was read up on my life but still so
everything including yours truly but
let’s get back to what we were talking
about and that’s crankbaits
so there’s really four criteria that I
look for what I’m looking into
crankbaits one of course is the dead
you’ve got to be ticking the grass you
got to be bumping the stumps you got to
be banging into the boulders as you work
that crankbait if you’re not touching
bottom you’re not doing any good to is
going to be doesn’t wiggle or does it
wobble the action three is going to be
the color what type of water are we
fishing in alright is it clear is it
staying there muddy so are we going to
go with the natural pattern or are we
going to go with something a little
bright and really attractive for is does
it rattle or is it silent you know a lot
of times fishing in a lot of areas bass
have seen these rattling crank baits
come running through in the clear water
sometimes you can throw a silent and it
sneaks up on them so let’s talk about
criteria number one and that’s dance the
depth of a crankbait is almost always
dictated by the size and shape of the
bill along with the angle that it comes
out from the crankbaits body so as you
can see here we’ve got two different
crankbaits they’re not very much
different in size but the bills are
shaped a lot differently this crankbait
for example both of these are strike
kings by the way this crankbait for
example has a very wide almost spoon
shaped bill it comes out very much in
line with the body and you can see it
even cuts up to really dig into the
water that’s going to create a much
much steeper diving there as opposed to
the square bill which comes out at a
slight angle from the body which will
create a much shallower much less of a
tilt as it comes through the water so no
matter what depth level you’re targeting
bias at with a crankbait you want to be
sure that your bump and stumps bouncing
off boulders or digging in the dirt
that’s the key you want to bounce the
crankbaits off of whatever covering
structure and get that erratic movement
so the second criteria we’re going to
talk about is we don’t vs. wobble or the
action of the B the action of the baton
is almost always dictated by the shape
of the body flatter sides generally
gives you a nice tight natural action
wiggling and a bate that’s really
greater this is the shad ramp by
Republic or Rambler whichever way you
prefer so you can see this bait is a
very thin very flat sided bodied bait
and it will come through the water as
you can see in the video with a very
tight wiggle now actually very
inappropriately named is the wiggle wart
but it’s a very wide round body and it
has a great wobble to it and as you can
see the difference in wiggle and wobble
is a rolling action and the wiggle Ward
has one of the best rolling wobbles
really out on the market so where do you
use the two different styles of crank
baits well wobble you’re looking at
dirty water or deep water the deeper or
dirtier the less light the more the
wobble you want so a wobble puts out
much more vibration than does a wiggle a
wiggle you’re going
and more of a clear water situation or
wide expanses so the fish can see it
coming from a long way so you want a
nice tight natural action when you’re
fishing a crankbait

Choosing a Crankbaits Color

No we’ll were going to be talking about
the importance of color of a crankbait
don’t let this overwhelm you keep it
generally what I do is I really boil it
down to about five simple colors and
I’ll use those in all kinds of different
depth ranges and they’ll cover almost
any type of water or forage that you can
find in the United States now generally
I’ll start with a couple of different
shad patterns most of our legs have shad
in them but not all so what I do is I’ll
start with a very natural shad color
from there I like to get a shad color
with a little bit of that’s a little bit
brighter so I’ll pick out you know a lot
of times good old sexy shad here now
from there some of the lakes we fish
don’t necessarily have shedding them so
so the other two abundant natural forage
for bass are bluegill so we’ll pick up a
bluegill crankbait the other would be
crayfish crawdads Mudbugs whatever you
want to call them but I’ll pick up a
crawdad color now the fifth and final
option that I like to have on is a
really bright color for when the water
is really dirty and really hard to see
the visibility is very low I’ll pick up
some sort of bright fire tiger black
backs are true side is one of my
but generally that’s the five colors
I’ll go with and that’s an all day
levels so if I’m fishing zero to three
feet or 35 to 40 feet I’m going to start
out with those five colors generally
speaking so the fourth and final
criteria guys I don’t put a lot into
this most of the time the only time I’ll
use this or make this sort of change is
a if I’m fishing very pressured clear
water or large expanses so that they can
see that crankbait coming from from a
long way sort of situations and that is
sound so sound boils down basically to
whether the crank bait has rattles or
whether it does not and so I do try to
pick up some crank baits in the
different variations that I have that
don’t don’t have rattles or they’re
silent for example here’s two-strike
Kings these are both 5xd one is silent
one has rattles so a lot of times what
I’ll do is if I’m fishing highly
pressured fish or if I’m if I’m on a
group of fish that I’ve thrown a crank
bait with rattles in two and cost
several fish out of and they’ve stopped
biting that particular crank bait I’ll
then switch to a silent crank bait it
seems to sneak up on them a little more
and it tends to get a few more bites as
the day goes on if I’m working in
particular group of fish or in a
particular area again I do fish
tournaments so I find that a crank bait
is a very good reaction by search bait
so I need to be able to throw a crank
bait year-round and in a multitude of
depths and in a multitude of lakes with
multitude of forage so I needed to be
able to use a search mate that I could
find pretty much I could find fish
pretty much anywhere any time of year so
to sum it up what I did is I picked
three styles of crankbaits from two
manufacturers after doing a lot of
research the first manufacturer is
Rapala so I selected both the shad ramp
and the DT series the shad ramp has a
nice tight wiggle very natural action in
the water it’s good in Clearwater and
it’s good in cold water conditions so I
picked from about 0 to 15 feet with the
shad ramp and in each level
I selected the five colors that we
talked about earlier the same went on
with the DT series now they go from
about zero feet down to about 20 feet
and in each level I selected the five
colors the DT series is kind of a
middle-of-the-road bait so finally I
selected the strike king XD series these
baits cover from zero all the way down
to twenty five-plus feet and again every
step every dip level I bought the five
different color baits again you don’t
have to go out and go this in-depth but
I’m fishing tournaments so I need to be
able to cover any situation and with
these three boxes of crank baits I feel
like I’m ready to find fish on any body
of water in any situation that presents
itself to me okay so I hope this helps
you out I hope it gets you started

Bass Swim Jig Tips

Best Tips for Swim Jigs

Best Swim Jig Tips for Bass Fishing

If you looked in my my to
swim jig boxes is if you looked at the
colors there’s a little bit of white
there is some black and blue but the
predominant amount of my swim jigs or
that color right there that’s a that’s a
hack attack quarter-ounce
boom craw quarter-ounce blue cross color
with a blue craw rage craw trailer and
that’s the one thing I want to talk to
you about all of my jigs really
represent bluegill and the two things
that I use the most on the back of these
number one would be the rage craw
trailer and the other one is the rage
menace and IO Tod Faircloth a ton for
the rage menace and I’m gonna get it
there one second the key to these is how
much water your trailer throws generally
the warmer the water the more active the
fish that’s when I’m going to use the
rage craw on the back of that jig in
fact we were just down at Kentucky lake
water temple is around 60 I’ll use the
rage craw when the water is a little
colder or the fish are more pressured
that’s when I’m gonna go to the menace
the reason why the menace is not
overpowering it’s a very subtle action
on the back of that jig you kind of get
a just a bit compared to when the water
is warmer and they’re really snapping
that rage craw is gonna throw a lot of
water and the other thing when you
throw that jig out and you’re
reeling it and one hits it point blank
don’t the first thing you want to do is
pull back and tear his head off
just keep reeling until your
rod loads up and and the two lines that
I use on my setup number one I’ll just
use a a regular six four two one real a
medium heavy action rod but the line to
me is critical almost all the time then
I’m swim jigging if I can get away with
it I’m gonna use fifteen pound
fluorocarbon but I’ll come I’m in heavy
grass a lot of lily pads or big-time
timber that’s when I’ll go to a 50 pound
power throw always fifty pound you’re
gonna get way more distance out of fifty
pound and you will sixty five but the
the main thing that I wanted to pass on
here was the two trailers that I use the
most and make your swim jigs look like a
bluegill and I swear to you you can
catch a lot more fish on it this year

Bass Swim Jig – Swimming a Jig

Swimming a Jig for Bass

Swimming a Jig for Largemouth Bass

My favorite technique to catch
largemouth bass is by swimming a jig
I don’t just swim it though I hop it I
pitch it I flip it one swim jig will do all
that I mean if you got one good swimming
jig you can do about anything you need
to do here’s my favorite trailers for
these different baits I always use a
grab but grab I’ve used since day one 35
at least maybe 40 years ago but in the
springtime when it starts off I used to
use a pig lot but I’ve switched over to
these cross now these cross they love
them I mean that’s what they eat they’re
eating crawfish so there’s two of my
favorite colors green pumpkin black and
blue black and blue is the mainstay if I
had to have only one color it would be
black and blue and then after the shad
thing gets going the the grub which
works all the time but you know
springtime that’s still my favorite as
soon as you get into the shad bite like
we’re starting to get into right now
then I switch over to the grubs in the
swim sinkholes and that you know just
mimics shad a little bit more my
favorite color when the shad are going
are the whites matching a shad as much
as you can you get a nice color like
that black and purple for some reason
the smallmouth and largemouth just going
nuts over black and purple I don’t know
what it is but you got to use it because
they like it and then the one that I’ve
used day in and day out if I only had
one color it would be black and blue and
that little thing right there it’s so
chewed up it’s unbelievable because I
used it last week in Louisiana but they
loved that I mean they really love black
and blue
well we’re going to go out and see if we
can catch a few fish now I’ve been here
for all summer I’ve been on tour so
it’ll be interesting
it was an accident I was going down the
bank and like this and pitching and I
started winding it in this is 40 years
ago at least and a three pounder grabbed
it and the light went off that they
liked it moving like that so I started
swimming it that that one little thing
started it all off if you’re ever out
fishing and you’re doing something and
all of a sudden you do something that
you don’t normally do and it works you
might be on to something it’s been good
for me for 40 years basically I throw a
quarter ounce 90 percent of the time if
I’m fishing slop or fishing it like a
frog I use it as a frog and I’ve won a
lot of tournaments to a nap then I’ll go
to an eighth ounce when I get down in
spring early early spring March and
April I’ll go to a half ounce and I fish it as
deep as 30 feet that’s why I say it’s
pretty versatile you can do it anywhere
any depth weeds rocks open water if you
had to buy one one lure the quarter
ounce would be it I’ve been making these
for 30 years 30 years I’ve made my own
that way I could put a good hook get the
colors I want I used to make trout flies
when I was a little kid and sell them
well then after I figured out bass
fishing it wasn’t much to switch over to
getting colors that match craw fish
matched shad sunfish there we go
little guy when you’re swimming a jig
it’s just like a spinnerbait bite you
just keep winding and the fish set to
hook themselves
if you give them slack to set the hook
on a swimming jig doesn’t work it might
look like I was setting the hook there
but I wasn’t usually when I whined like
that and they hit it if they miss it
they just hit the tail just from me you
know bearing down the wind is to set the
hook it looks like that but it’s not and
I’ve had guys in the boat where I’ve
caught 20 fish in a row 20 casts and
they’ve missed 10 fish in a row and I
asked him what are you doing and they
say oh I set the hook and I said that’s
the first thing I tell them no you don’t
set the hook just got to make sure your
hooks are sharp there we go little guys
they’re getting bigger you know like I
was saying with a swimming jig I’m
dragging it on bottom right now you
don’t have to swim a jig after you’ve
located some fish fishing fast you can
slow down and drag it with a cron catch
a whole bunch of more fish a lot of
times sometimes they want to ChatterBait
sometimes they don’t you know I make
chatter baits with my swimming jigs too
and sometimes I oh there’s a better one
sometimes they kill them and other times
they just want the swimming jig other
times they just want the ChatterBait you
got to mess around a little bit
aw it felt bigger I mean a lot bigger
but see just a different tale you know
I’ve always got a couple different tales
on you after they quit biting one I’ll
throw the other for a little bit and see
if that makes a difference sometimes I
might catch 2/3 fish just by switching
from a grub to a swim cinco to a craw
but I always like to fish it as slow as
I catch another small one
I mean it’s easy to do as you can see
I’m just throwing it out and winding it
in you know you can there’s another
little one oh you got off I mean there’s
you know sometimes you can pause it for
a second there’s little things you can
do but just throwing it out and winding
it in catches fish
I’ll take Oh pears on
I’ve taken 80 year old ladies all little
kids tied one of these on and let them
start throwing it and they’re catching
fish and they’re having so much fun you
know and you can fish it through a lot
of weeds and stuff so it it’s pretty
easy to fish and the fish like it okay
four rods reels line for swimming a jig
seven-foot medium heavy sinker a rod
that’s my very favorite the line is 12
pound Sugoi the reels I’m using a new
the I use the old diet was but I’ve wore
them out so I’ve switched to lose lose
mix are really good reel that I’ve just
starting to get used to and I really
like them and here’s something
interesting too now we stepped stopped
here by this clay Bank and we’re
catching some fish
the reason being the crayfish have holes
all over in this clay bank here they
live along here like that and that’s why
a green pumpkin black-and-blue jigs;
swimming jig like this with a black and
blue there’s another one whenever you
see something like this you can catch
some fish on it
there’s a better one
swimming a jig you can throw it into
rocks wood weeds lily pads

505. Raleigh Road, Tobacco Factory (5)

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